Brooklyn Paper Quotes Homer About Blogfest

For those of you who pay attention to such things, last year’s Brooklyn Blogfest was very “controversial.” This year, organizer Louise Crawford promises to get things back to basics with keynote speaker Jeff Jarvis.

Brooklyn Paper: “With Jeff being a keynote speaker this year, I think it’s back on the right track,” said John Loscalzo, aka Homer Fink, who oversees the Brooklyn Heights Blog.

That’s positively a rave from Loscalzo, who last year unleashed his bloggers on their biggest quarry ever — another blogger.

“It was like trying to get backstage at a Justin Bieber concert,” Loscalzo’s [sic] told us after last year’s blogfest. “With access being so hard, I think people made the association, ‘Oh, they got a sponsor this year, and it’s impossible to get in — who do they think they are?’”

A back-to-basics approach could ease some hurt feelings, but it won’t ease the pain attendees will feel in their wallets: No sponsor means a $15 admission fee and a cash bar versus last year’s free admission and open bar.

BTW, “unleashed his bloggers” WTF does that mean?
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