Open Thread Wednesday 7/2/08

Flickr photo by Pete Biggs

Lots of stuff to talk about including some issues we haven’t discussed here yet:

The potential reopening of the Brooklyn House of Detention is displeasing many folks. [Brooklyn Eagle]

100 Clark Street rebuilding? [McBrooklyn]

… and whatever else is on your mind… comment away!

Flickr photo by Pete Biggs

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  • WaterBoy

    There was a posting on here about a conviction in the murder of a Heights resident who was a Peace Corps volunteer.

    Anyone know whatever happened to the investigation into the Remsen Street woman who was murdered I believe in Western Massachusetts or someplace in New England?

    Did they ever catch anyone in that case?

  • HDEB

    Any word on when Gristedes is re-opening?

  • AliG

    anyone know how to file a complaint against a judge in housing court?

  • Walt Whitman’s Ghost

    In comparison to murder mysteries and burnt out grocery stores this is quite trivial, but has anyone noticed an inordinate amount of crab grass sprouting from the cracks of the local sidewalks? I was walking on Joralemon between Clinton and Henry over the weekend and there seemed to be a lot of crab grass sprouting. It looked bad. Makes the place look rundown. First crab grass. Then graffitti. Then…well, it’s a slippery slope.

  • Walt Whitman’s Ghost

    Is it possible to edit posts? I misspelled graffiti in a previous entry, and, being anal-retentive as I am, my day is now ruined. People will think i’m a fool! I can’t spell graffiti!

  • LD

    Does anyone know the distance around Cadman Plaza on the runner’s path?
    In other news, a woman (owner?) coming out of the new Tazza on Clark Street says she hopes it will be open by Thursday.

  • HDEB

    Check out “”.
    It is roughly 0.44 of a mile.

  • Loving Brooklyn

    LD, You have made my day! I walked by earlier today and the paper was off the window. I can’t wait to have a latte this weekend. I have an espresso machine, but they make them better.

  • JGM

    Anyone know when a good restaurant is opening on Montague?

  • bklynchick

    I know this has been mentioned before, but is there any reason why we can’t have an open thread every day? Clearly, brooklyn heighters have a lot to say and to restrict it to once a week seems a bit limiting. Anyone else agree?

  • Teddy

    AliG, maybe this link will help:

    WWG, I’ve noticed the crab grass and not just on Joralemon. I can only speculate that with rising costs, sidewalk maintenance has become a lower priority with some building owners, many of which probably live outside the neighborhood.

    JGM, That’s an old question, one which usually never gets answered as far as Montague is concerned.

    bklynchick, that sounds like a good idea. In fact, it might be time for forums where we could all register & post in the appropriate section. JGM’s question (or rather statement) would go in the “Restaurants” section. Unless one already exists which I’m unaware of on another website.

    Anyway, a daily open thread might be good enough, especially if running forums would be too time consuming for Homer at this time.

  • Pete

    Quick vote: Best Restaurant on Henry Street … Noodle Pudding? Henry’s End? Le Petite Marche?

  • Ethan

    With a name like “Walt Whitman’s Ghost”, are you sure its the misspell that makes you look like a fool?

  • no

    noodle pudding!

  • thepeachtree

    I love all the questions on here but not a lot of answers!

    Hmmm, best on Henry… I go for Petite Marche :)

    Anyone have any idea what a Spicy Pickle is??

  • Walt Whitman’s Ghost

    Easy, Ethan. I like my chosen name. It celebrates a local hero. Nothing wrong with that. I didn’t know these names were regarded with such seriousness.

  • Publius

    My new pet peeve: Grimaldi’s often does not answer their phone for take out orders. Apparently they are printing too much money on their eat-in business to give a damn about locals who wish to avoid the crazy line and take out.

    Drives me crazy.

    Thanks for listening.

  • thepeachtree


    I know on Thursday nights over the summer they don’t answer their phone at all insanity of walk ins from the Movies with a View. Otherwise, serious bummer. No reason for passing on business in my opinion.

  • Mary-Kate

    Anyone seen “The Wackness” yet? Did the Brooklyn Heights scenes end up on the cutting room floor?

  • Andrew Porter

    Silly people, rejoice in the grass that grows in the cracks. It means that we’ve had abundant rainfall. It also washes off the dog urine that you can smell on hot days. If you look at the drains at street corners, you can see things growing there as well.

    Personally, I’ve always been impressed by exactly *what* grows in the cracks. When the Hotel Margaret burned and was torn down, a perfectly lovely blackberry bush grew to maturity in the vacant lot before they rebuilt the building (and the Witnesses bought the place; but that’s anoher story). Apparently many seeds are passed through the digestive systems of passing birdies and sprout here. In those cracks…

    No cracks, now!

  • GHB

    Mary-Kate, I haven’t seen The Wackness yet, but I know that at least the Heights made it onto the poster…

  • BKBS

    At 7:10 this morning, jackhammering began on Hicks between Clark and Pierrepont. This is outrageous…

    When I called 311 to complain, I was told that construction can begin at 7 am. Apparently holidays are not exempt.

  • Andrew Porter

    Just noticed that the former Red Cross office at 100 Pineapple Walk (aka the extension of Pineapple Street), formerly the Red Cross and Cadman Travel, will now be a dentist’s office. Presumably to pick up business from the people bashing their teeth out at the Brooklyn Dojo across the way….

  • Sensei Brian

    That’s right. We’re in collusion.

  • Mike Smith

    heard that it’ll be a state of the art general & cosmetic dentistry center. I highly need a dentist for myself and family in the area! Looks like an awesome location.