Waterfalls Officially On Today

Good Morning America’s Sam Champion interviewed Mayor Michael Bloomberg and artist Olafur Eliasson this morning about the NYC Waterfalls art project. The falls officially go on display today.

More waterfall videos after the jump.

Brooklyn Bridge Waterfall from jakedobkin on Vimeo.

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  • WaterBoy

    New York to Yosemite: You take care of the waterfalls, we’ll stick to skyscrapers.

  • Walt Whitman’s Ghost


    Also, when is that handsome Sam Champion going to find himself a nice young lady and settle down?

  • bhbabe

    Ghost, You’ll see Sam settled down as soon as Gay Marriage is passed in NY. :)
    yes, the waterfalls are really unimpressive from our perspective….

  • clarknt67

    I liked the sketches better. Guess nature does some things better than man

  • df

    what a completely lame project. fall so short of the renderings one could sue for fraud.

    I’m sorry. Not trying to be cantankerous. But what an utterly worthless project. The trickle of water just looks pathetic compared to the giant scaffolding.

  • anon

    My verdict: Meh.

    (And I fully support public arts projects.)

  • hoppy

    Add me to the dissent. To me, they look like some kind of “exhaust” apparatuses from a water treatment plant, especially with the ugly circular rubber booms laid down in the river underneath.

  • mod squad

    Sam Champion is still married to Mike Piazza. They have a place down in Cape May.

  • Dept of Traffic Flow

    The falls are creating bad traffic jams on the BQE going all the way back to the Gowanus as drivers slow down to gawk.