Report: Lost Pooches in North Heights

This in from a BHB reader:

Just ran into a distraught dog walker who is looking for 2 dogs – a black lab and a Bassett hound. Names are Lucy and Oliver and they live on Willow St. [Comment below] if you find them, they are both very friendly!

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  • Perry Schaffer

    Holy s*it. Fingers crossed those pups are found. Soon. I want to know and don’t want to know who that walker is!

  • concetta

    I’ll pray for their quick return. Please, people with pets, they’re NOT accessories! They deserve the same treatment as children!

  • k4kenner

    i would like to know who the walker is – so i don’t use them!
    keep us posted on if they are found – i’ll be on the lookout for sure!

  • celeste gudas

    Dogs have been found! It wasn’t the dogwalkers fault–he is very
    caring and attentive. Window washers, an open door and miscommunication were the cause, but the dogs are fine! Thank you for everyone’s help.

  • GHB

    Glad they’re back and safe! The pet owner’s biggest fear…

  • doggymaven

    As Celeste says above, he is a wonderful dog walker. There are indeed a few who are not. I am so glad that my dog’s playmates were found.

  • Bumbee Upturn

    I have seen that basset hound on Willow Street! Very cute! Glad the doggie is okay.

  • Andrea

    Actually they were being groomed that day – but it’s wonderful that so many people banded together to help locate these wonderful pooches. Dog people rock!!