Open Thread Wednesday 6/11/08

It’s been an action packed week, what’s on your mind? Comment away!

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  • guest

    Does anyone know about rumors that the building on Clinton Street between Remsen and Jorolamon (where the deli/market is) is going to be knocked down, and a 19 story building erected?

  • Shaka

    Get ready for the loud fireworks this saturday night. Boom!

  • nelson

    Fireworks? for what reason??

  • nabeguy

    The fireowrrks display is sponsered by Target, who is taking aim at your peace and quiet.

  • lisa

    did anybody get any footage of the fire dancing on henry and orange last saturday night? what WAS that?

  • Bob

    Maybe I missed it on the Blog, but who in the world thought that
    new traffic diversion at the Bridge was a good idea. Spent 1/2 an
    hour on Jay Street last night.

    This has created a problem where there was none.

    Tip of the Hat to the DOT.

  • nabeguy

    lisa, are you sure it wasn’t another trash fire?

  • Walt Whitman’s Ghost

    I’ve heard the market at the corner of Joralemon and Clinton is closing (along with the salon on Joralemon) and that the entire building is going to be converted to office space. I haven’t heard anything about the building being knocked down. I hope and pray that doesn’t happen.

    Also, I’m going to miss the market.

  • yo

    but where will i get my ice cream?

  • fotog

    Do you guys mean the deli/bodega with the purple awning? I love that place…

  • T.K. Small

    I just got home from the community board meeting this evening and the changes in the traffic pattern near Tillery and Adams were discussed (sort of).

    Coincidentally, earlier today I was trying to get on the Brooklyn Bridge and had to use that ridiculous diversion around through Jay Street. Just as we turned onto the bridge entrance from Jay Street my car encountered a gigantic pothole, which was completely invisible. The jolt was so substantial my head was almost tossed off the head rest of my wheelchair. Not exactly comfortable.

    Also of interest, Kevin Powell, the candidate running for the US House of Representatives was at the community board meeting. I got a chance to speak with him afterwards and he seemed like a very decent person. He certainly will be a big improvement over Ed Townes. Unfortunately they redistricted this area and I cannot vote for him.

  • keever

    Clinton Market is closing? Noooooooo! I love that place too. God, that sucks. Nice people, better than average inventory. Where will we do our late night ice cream runs now?

  • CJP

    Sorry guys. Don’t want to let this issue drop: Vespa dog walker. Has anyone seen her out and about. And just as interesting is how the issue was dropped like a hot potato on this board.

  • melonbee

    fireworks: south street seaport on saturday at 9:30, brooklyn philharmonic plays there at 8.

    I think my weight goes up and down in direct proportion to how close I live to a deli for late-night ice cream runs and how well that deli is stocked with the good flavors!

  • Andrew Porter

    They’ve erected a plywood enclosure in front of the space at 73 Pineapple Street, and the official NYC DOB construction sign, as well as Building Dept and Landmarks permits, and there’s a backhoe in there. So construction on the new apt building has begun.

  • Monty

    Has anyone notice the Cadman Farmer’s Market is mostly plants and flowers so far this year? Is it just too early for the good veggies or have the vendors packed up for other spots?

  • A Customer

    To Homer Fink: Please note that the Owner of Image Salon says the Salon has a lease for at least another year on Corner of Clinton and Joraelmon. Please keep this posted so she doesn’t lose any customers.

  • Jazz

    @cjp: maybe no one cares anymore.

  • Dept of Sidewalk Safety

    I saw the dog “walker” in question the other day. Instead of a motorized scooter, she was “walking” several dogs while she was riding a bicycle.

    I suppose that’s progress, but I still think it’s dangerous for all involved, meaning her, the dogs she “walks” and pedestrians like you and me.

  • Made In Brooklyn

    CJP: i am sure it was dropped due to her intense influence over Homer… It’s a conspiracy!

    Regardless, I saw her the other day walking dogs with no electronic aid.

  • wineaway

    I saw the fire dancing, but still am not sure exactly what I was watching..kind of bizarre, actually.

    So I walk the Brooklyn Bridge a couple of times a week, most recently this morning, and am getting fed up by the overflowing trash cans on the span and ends of the bridge. I’d love to send an e-mail but am not sure to whom it needs to be addressed…any suggestions?

  • GHB

    Wineaway, try calling 311 for that.

  • wineaway

    Thanks GHB..thought 311 was just for noise issues.

  • Monty

    @wineaway as a former 311 employee I can assure that at the time I left a few years ago there were about 8000 individual services that callers have scripts to respond to. Noise, potholes and other very common complaints can be dealt with directly by 311 ops and others can be referred to the appropriate agency. By far the most popular service (about 60% of callers) just want to know if alternate side of the street parking is in effect. 90% of the remaining callers are lonely and want to talk to somebody. But I assure that they are well equipped to deal with real problems :)

  • Andrew Porter

    There was a news item in the NY Daily News on Wednesday that doctors at Long Island College Hospital are concerned that LICH will close, due to accumulated debt, closure of clinics and general leaching of funds by Continuum Health Partners, which also runs Beth Israel. Link here:

  • T.K. Small

    Andrew Porter makes a great point! My doctor used to be the head of neurology. Basically he left in disgust at what was going on at LICH. Having a good hospital right in our neighborhood is a valuable resource. It is unfortunate that the community has not done a better job in demanding accountability.

  • nabeguy

    The way LICH is being run, it’s owners should change their names to Dis-Continuum Health Partners. I happened to have been in the ER last night and, given the crowded conditions at 8:00 on a weeknight, they certianly can’t argue that the hospital is superfluous.

  • bornhere

    In the late 70s, I remember being told by a family-friend doc, who lived in the Heights, that, in an emergency, one was better off being “transported” to Beekman (now known as NY Downtown or whatever). I had occasion to use the LICH ER decades ago, and I thought it was all right — ERs are never feel-good places, but it was well run and clean; however, I unfortunately had a family member at LICH as an inpatient in September, and, skipping over the details of a very sad result, the care was abysmal: I have never seen a dirtier “healthcare environment” or less engaged/supportive/capable “healthcare professionals.” I used to be a med mal investigator (repping the docs), so I have had the opportunity to see oodles of facilities (mostly in Manhattan) — LICH distinguishes itself by being the worst I’ve seen. I know there are nightmare stories about Brooklyn and Woodhull, and I cannot comment on those; all I do know is that the professional and support staff at LICH are not even close to top of the line, and the physical plant is an inexcusable disaster. (And, nabeguy, I hope you’re okay :)

  • hoppy

    There’s an interesting item in the Brooklyn Eagle about a makeshift park to be thrown together at Pier 1 by June 26 (in time for the start of the waterfall show).

  • clarknt67

    To Homer Fink: Please note that the Owner of Image Salon says the Salon has a lease for at least another year on Corner of Clinton and Joraelmon. Please keep this posted so she doesn’t lose any customers

    Interesting. I have used the tanning booth there, and when I complained nearly HALF the lights are burned out, she told me she wasn’t paying to replace them because she was losing her lease “soon.” Which seemed reasonable, but a year? LOL That’s not soon! Replace the frickin’ bulbs.