NY1: Naming Rights Proposal for Brooklyn Bridge Park First for City

As we reported earlier, one of the nine potential revenue sources that the Brooklyn Bridge Park board authorized the consultants hired to explore alternatives to housing to examine was “advertising and sponsorship”. This could include selling naming rights to particular park facilities. According to this NY1 story (via the NY Post), the idea comes from Chicago’s Millennium Park, but would be a first for New York City (follow the link for video and text).

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  • David on Middagh

    I’ll bid twenty bucks for the rights to the kayak launch!

  • Demonter

    I do not like this corporate sponsorship idea but it exists all over the country these days. Money talks….

  • http://Building Jeffrey J Smith

    The “Privatization” “idea” is an outgrowth of the 70’s-90’s. Which is
    a later stage in the devolution of traditional American division of
    governmental vs private social roles. First of all, the most powerful
    sponsors are often banks or well insulated tax free foundations.
    Privatization often neatly places significant barriers between a
    the shapers of policies and effective public access and review of thier actions.

    With All these private organizations acting in a public role, there is a very high element of attempting to have power or influence
    with the least possible public accountability


  • Winstion Smith

    @ Jeffrey J Smith,

    Adjust your medication.

  • http://Building Jeffrey J Smith

    You know, the moment you begin to cause attention on what
    the NGO/Tax free foundations of the world are attempting, the brickbats start.

    Shows youre being effective

  • JM

    So true Mr. Smith, so true….

  • clyde turner

    Brooklyn Bridge Park sounds good enough for me

  • Demonter

    When this corporate sponsorship trend started I got a kick out of the sophomoric jestings like: “The Preparation H Arena”, “Taco Bell Fine Arts Center” or “The Kellog’s Frosted Mini-Wheats Omni”…now these silly associations don’t seem so whacky after all.

  • David on Middagh

    Brooklyn Beer Park?

  • Y

    Brooklyn Beer Park with free daily samples?

  • Demonter

    Papa John’s Pizza Park…sound good?

  • soulman

    I hope that whatever corporate name appears, we all stick to calling it what it is – Brooklyn Bridge Park!