Fresh Direct Takes Over Hicks Street

BHB reader “Bongo” sent in this photo of two Fresh Direct trucks in an odd and illegal formation on Hicks Street earlier this evening:

Aside from the usual noise from the refrigerator units. This pair of Fresh Direct trucks decided to blog block Hicks Street at about 6pm, with a special back-to-back load transfer operation.

Perhaps this was an emergency rescue operation? We’d totally condone that as we’d never want our 4 Minute Meals to arrive spoiled. We’re big fans of Fresh D, but we’d hope that this type of operation was done out of desperation and not as standard operating procedure.

Update: There was a truck breakdown on the Brooklyn Heights route Monday night. Deliveries ran 90 minutes late and customers (us included) were given credit for the delivery charge.

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  • bongo

    One of the “reefer” units did sound a little clapped out, and yes, I did mean “block” instead of “blog”.

  • Homer Fink

    Just got a call that deliveries are delayed 90 mins due to truck breakdown. There you go.

  • nabeguy

    Speaking of lllegal truck formations, did anyone else get detoured on Sunday morning by the 18-wheeler rig that decided it could navigate our charmingly narrow streeets until he got to Clark and Hicks and realized that he could neither go straight or turn onto Hicks, so had to be escorted by the police backwards all the way to Cadman Plaza?