B’Stoner: 52 Clark Going Condo?

Brownstoner has received a tip that claims 52 Clark Street will be going condo:

Brownstoner: 52 Clark: The tipster has received a couple of notices from the landlord (who’s owned the building since 1999) that her lease would not be renewed. Upon calling the management office, she was told that none of the leases in the building were being renewed. The only possible explanation we can think of? You guessed it, conversion.

Flickr photo by whole9yards

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  • Jennifer

    I just got a lease renewal form in the mail for my apartment at 52 Clark…

  • Clark Streeter

    Moral: don’t believe everything you read from a “tipster” on a blog

  • Adeline Gonzalez

    Please let me know the management company and phone number. I would love to call for application request. Thank you.