Meet at the Telectroscope

Facebook is buzzing with a Brooklyn-London meetup at the Telectroscope this Saturday. It happens at 2PM here which is 7PM over there.  Organizers are asking folks to: “wear their full regalia, whether it be steampunk, neo-Victorian/Edwardian, or vintage garb from other eras or representing other parts of the world.” Don’t know what to wear? How about this or this or that?  So far, 30 folks have said they’d be there, will you?

Paul St. George, Telectroscope Creator [Gothamist]

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  • Jazz

    I’m there with goggles on.

  • Remsen Street Superhero

    And your brother?

  • Nigel

    This is going to be crazy. Lots of people getting outfits ready for tomorrow.