SKATE at Cadman Plaza Park

BHB has one simple rule – if you’re over 25 and your last name is NOT “Hawk” then you should not ride a skateboard.  Not that we’re prudes or fraidycats, we’re downright practical.  Anyone over 30 knows that 25 is a mere 7 years away from 32 which a friend of mine once called “the age of the random injury”.  But fear of a fractured femur won’t stop us from giving you this report from Hillel sent to the BHB Inbox:

Homage (the skate shop on Smith St.)  held an és sponsored game of SKATE at Cadman Plaza this past Sunday.  It was great, a 13 year old kid from Texas beat out much older competitors.  Heres a link to my blog, which then has a link to a gallery of photos I took at the event.  I know the news is a couple of days old, but I thought you might be interested anyways.

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  • Jason

    Dear BHB, obviously you never were a skateboarder before, too make such a clueless comment.

  • The Where

    Jason, I’m certain you play kickball as well. GROW UP.