More Sarah Jessica Parker in Brooklyn Heights Photos

The Faded Youth Blog has posted photos of Sarah Jessica Parker shooting I Don’t Know How She Does It in Brooklyn Heights yesterday. She’s seen here with saucy Gossip Girl star/no stranger to shooting in the nabe Jessica Szohr.

The Brooklyn Paper filed a report from Garden Place as well, talking to the owner of the stoop where SJP’s scenes were shot. Sources tell BHB that some residents may have been compensated by the production company.

Brooklyn Paper: Filmmakers lensed the scene on the prototypical Brooklyn stoop belonging to Andrew Zimmerman, who let the crew set up camp for the day. He even had a brief brush with Carrie Bradshaw — err — SJP herself, who did a little lingering in his front hallway.

“She’s very sweet, but she was working and I didn’t want to bother her,” he said. “It’s an exciting thing for the neighborhood.”

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  • AEB

    “It’s an exciting thing for the neighborhood.”

    Whoa! As exciting as Ann Taylor not removing snow from their storefront sidewalk?

    I think NOT!

  • x


  • nabeguy

    When I was a kid, there was an old guy who was a fixture on the streets of the nabe that kind of resembles SJP. Our nickname for him was “shoeface”

  • GHB

    And what did they call you?

  • David on Middagh

    Hey. SJP has sole.

  • william

    Wow, fellows. Your comments are really rude. She still has a billion-watt smile, and is a really nice person.

  • Eddy de Lectron

    Well she certainly isn’t all that… but “shoeface” is a little harsh.

  • Alanna


    They set up shop on Montague on Tuesday night – some scene with a lot of kids, supposedly but no one really caught a glimpse at SJP.

    My brother thinks she looks like a foot.

  • David on Middagh

    @william: Ooooooops. “Soul”. I love SJP! I wish they were filming on my block.

  • George Earl

    Sure, our Henry Street is famous, but this fine actress is making it even more. I just wish that the names of the fine restaurants were going to show up on screen. That would bring even more spending to the Heights. And yes, even this neighborhood can use it!

  • Dorothy Daniela Josephs

    This country is ridiculously star struck. We care too much about famous entertainers and don’t know who are real heroes are. When I was teaching, I’d ask my classes, “Who is Jonis Salk, or who is Charles Darwin, or Linus Pauling, or Rachel Carsons.” No hands would go up, but for Daryl Strawberry or Brittiany Spears or some other shallow sports celebrity or entertainer, every hand would rise. Yet, Dr. Jonis Salk is the discoverer of Polio Vaccine that halted the crippling epidemic and kept there from being 3-4 crippled children in every classroom of the country; and Charles Darwin was an anti-slavery activist who proved there is only ONE race genetically, the human race and we are all related genetically and began some 250 thousand years ago in the fertile mud of Africa, as far as scientists have determined; and Dr. Linus Pauling was an important anti-nuclear activist working to save the world from nuclear winter and the annihilation of humanity; and Rachel Carson was a scientist who fought the chemical industrialists single-handedly to save us from the horendous effects of the spraying of toxic, cancer-causing DDT everywhere, etc. So, no, I do not find Jessica Parkers visit to Brooklyn Heights exciting at all, no matter how nice and charming she might be. I find it dismaying that too many people would find it exciting and yet, not know who Linus Pauling or Rachel Carson or Dr. Salk was. I repeat, we are a nation entertaining ourselves to death while we allow the oil and coal and nuclear barons to pretend that climate change and global warming and its devastating effects are not here already killing many thousands every year, when these threats are already upon us and time is short to save the planet and humanity from huge and monumental devastations, floods, water shortages, etc. How about getting excited about stopping hydro-fracking for natural gas in and around our reservoirs–a profit driven scheme that could destroy our clean water supply for the entire Metropolitan area. Allow me to quote W.H. Auden, an accomplished poet who once lived in Brooklyn Heights: “Many have lived without love,/ but none without water.” Go hear to read more about it and take action to save clean water for the Met. area and ourselves and children:
    and go here to learn about climate change and the global movement that the great ecologist Bill McKibben is forming to save us and our children and what you can do to help the campaign to save the planet: And then have a walk and marvel at the fact of photosynthesis and atmospheric balance that keeps us all living and breathing on this, our ONLY sustenance, EARTH, and get really excited about those natural phenomenon taken for granted every day of our lives. Earthly Blessings and thanks for reading this if you have!

  • GHB

    Wow… someone has WAY too much time on her hands!

  • David on Middagh

    Although I agree with the above rant, it comes off as shrill. I know who Carson, Salk, Pauling and Darwin are.

    Darwin is a personal hero of my own. He unfortunately did not have the concepts or the tools to genetically prove that all humans are one species, though it is what he believed. He might have gotten even further than he did if he’d read Mendel’s paper. Amazing that the two great men overlapped without intersecting! (BTW, I think you mean “species”; even Darwin wouldn’t have said we were all one race. )

  • Eddy de Lectron

    Dorothy, Well said.

    We are indeed becoming a nation of pop-culture zombies.