P.S. 8 Presents Soldea Island

From P.S. 8 comes this reminder:

Soldea Island is our very first student run play, from PR and the crew to the Assistant Director, actors, and announcers.

Performances of Soldea Island will take place on the 29th at 5:30PM and the 30th and 6:30PM of May at PS 8, 37 Hicks Street, Brooklyn, 11201 in our auditorium.

The play is about two groups of people, the Urples and the Eenies. The Urples have purple hair. They love music, dance, and all kinds of arts. The Eenies however, have green hair and like scientific things. There is a wall of “hatred” that separates them. One day a boy named Havi from the Urple side gets his foot stuck in the wall. When a little girl from the Eenie side helps him to get out, things begin to change on Soldea Island.

The play is based on an illustrated story written by our very own drama teacher, Ms. Noelle. Hope to see you there!

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