Open Thread Wednesday 2/9/11

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  • travy

    anyone have any suggestions for document disposal? i have a large trash bag–don’t ask–of semi sensitive stuff to shred but don’t have the time or patience to use my small shredder. are there any local services that will come by and do it on site and aren’t too expensive? anyone got an incinerator in their building? bbq pit? :)

  • MM

    @bornhere This morning I had the opposite problem at the Court St. R station. Because they never clean the swiping mechanism, I had the joy of going from “Swipe Again at This Turnstile” to “Just Used” without ever getting through. In turn, I had to go cough up more money to the MTA to get a pay-per-ride. If there weren’t other people in the station, I might have considered just jumping the turnstyle. At $104 a month is it too much to expect that the readers will actually recognize my metrocard?!

  • TS McGee
  • Winstion Smith

    @ Bette, The Bike store on Atlantic isn’t all that good, and I say that even though the owner is a friend of mine. I haven’t had much luck with Recycle A Bicycle either, while they are very nice they don’t seem to be very together on the repair end of the business. That being said; the best place relatively near in Brooklyn is R&A Cycles, 5th Ave in the Slope (supposedly the biggest bike store in the world)… Best in Manhattan is Bicycle Habitat, Lafayette St. near Spring. Great mechanics and not a ripoff, it’s the place many bike messengers use.

  • Eddy de Lectron

    @ Heightser, I have 30 years experience designing building kitchens. lifelong Heights resident with local references. I do top quality work for reasonable rates.

  • Jorale-man

    Re. the dog poop problem, what amazes me is the offenders are only hurting themselves. Not only does it impact the quality of life, when such problems add up they can affect property values. If a neighborhood has a reputation for being filthy it will catch up with you eventually.

    I’ve noticed the garbage can issue; it’s a result of cuts in city services. That said, this can and should be enforced with strong peer pressure from within the neighborhood.

  • laurie

    @ Izzy If you’re willing to take a stroll over to Smith St between Pacific & Dean, I’ve been using Downtown Cleaners for dry cleaners & alterations for years now and I still think they are the best and most reasonably priced in the vicinity.

  • big c

    re: dog poop, i live on columbia heights and I have not noticed the increase in doo volume. Maybe that’s because there are never less than 15 piles of crap on the sidewalk on any given day. And that’s just on my block!

  • Buddy Holly

    Maybe Mayor Mike will hire some poop-patrol people to fine the uppity-up dog owners, and give the money to rehire teachers and fire men. Maybe even fill in a hundred pot holes with the collectible fines.

  • Teddy

    re: dog poop, sorry to all of the responsible dog owners out there, but lately with all of the poop “appearing out of nowhere”, I’m casting a suspicious eye toward every dog owner I see. It almost makes you think twice about inviting guests to the neighborhood. Let’s hope we don’t get more snow so there won’t be any more “cover-ups”.

  • David on Middagh

    Ware the Poopenade.

  • x

    PS 8 parent:

    The Pacificana restaurant is pretty good and presentable.. nice service

  • Andrew Porter

    AEB, the Housing Works Thrift Store on Montague has some very nice glass doorknobs at quite reasonable prices. I myself replaced seven of the knobs in my apt with knobs I bought there.

    Maybe someday someone will explain why all the kitchen doors in every apt in NYC were removed in the distant past. The hinge hardware is still in place in the doorway to mine.

    Karl, Mile End has Montreal Smoked Meat, which is neither pastrami nor corned beef, but something entirely different and really wonderful. I’m saving a lot of money by not having to go to Canada for an infrequent fix of the stuff.

    About trash, there is an enormous pile of cigarette butts on the sidewalk on the north side of Remsen Street across from St. Francis.

    I am eagerly awaiting this summer, when people smoking cigarettes and especially smelly cigars will be banned from perfuming the air on the Promenade, and the air entering my lungs, with their cancerous exhalations and fumes. (My mom died of lung cancer etc., 30 years after she stopped smoking.)

  • AEB

    Thanks for the suggestion, Andrew. Will check out the HW knob sitch.

  • Bongo

    @Bette. I also add my recommendation for Recycle-A-Bike in Dumbo.

  • Bette

    Wow – what a wealth of info from this list! Thank you to David on Middagh, Sticky, Winstion Smith and Bongo for your suggestions. Great!!!! (re: Bike shops)

  • Jen

    Re: Contractor. I second the recommendation for Don Butler. Not the cheapest but he does excellent work and gives accurate estimates.

    I live on Clark and Hicks and was kept awake for most of the night by what sounded like hammering on metal. Anyone else notice this last night?

  • Lee

    @Heightser, here is my email and I’ll send you Don’s info. He did my apt and it was well done, no do overs and his cabinet maker is fantastic. Hedid all the kitchen cabinets, build in-s, closets, dresser, and bed. He has done a lot of kitchen in the St. George and I am sure you can look at them or stop by and see mine.

  • BG

    @travy, Bobby Cruz at the UPS Store on Montague told me he now has a shredder in the storefront that should make short work of your bagful

  • Izzy

    laurie, will definitely check out Downtown Cleaners–many thanks!

  • PJL

    Where would one find good fried chicken in BH or nearby?


  • william

    Popeyes on Court Street near Livingston Street, I presume.

  • Eddy de Lectron

    Did anyone witness a truck or car hit a green Subaru Outback parked on the SW corner of Pierrepont & Henry? They ripped my bumper half off…

  • travy

    thanks BG!!

  • caitlin

    Has anyone been to see a movie at BK Heights Cinema lately? I’m wondering if the problems mentioned late last year (no heat, poor sound quality) have been corrected. I want to see The King’s Speech, but not in those conditions!


  • GHB

    Caitlin, saw True Grit there recently and it was fine.

  • BH

    Caitlin: I saw King’s Speech last weekend and had no problems at all.

  • caitlin

    Great! Thank you both.