Open Thread Wednesday 2/9/11

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  • grumpy bert

    is it just me or has anyone else seen an increase of poop on the sidewalks?

  • Zia

    Where do we park our cars for 2 days and 2 -3 nights this coming Sunday night-Mon ,Tues. when a film crew comes in??They are using many streets encompassing too much area–who approves this ? I would like a designated -free parking area -(Dumbo area) for our cars to avoid parking tickets or garage costs during their filming.

  • AEB

    OK, I need to replace several cheap doorknob sets with classier models. Anyone have any ideas who might do this for a reasonable fee?

    I auditioned the lock store on Henry near Clark, but, after sending someone to my apartment to check things out, they lost interest in the job.


  • bhmom

    Grumpy Bert: yes I have noticed that. It’s really so rude, and while I try to be careful not to step in it, it is harder for kids to watch out for it,

  • Zooey Vox

    @ Grumpy Bert & bhmom — agreed certain individuals seem to believe there’s a moratorium on poop scooping in snow season and the melt down is on … those lazy bones shouldn’t have dogs !!!

  • Heightser

    Anyone out there have a general contractor they have used and liked? We are doing our kitchen and have gotten quotes from 60k to 145k!!! We have no idea what to think.

  • tb

    @aeb… what do you mean by classier? Antique? Modern?

  • Pat

    One reason that you see more dog doo around is that there aren’t many trash cans on the corners anymore! I pick up after my dog and the trash can is running over! Dog owners try to put the doo in but it often ends up in the street because of the overflow! Up until last summer there were trash cans on three corners of Hicks and Pineapple. Then 2 disappeared and haven’t been replaced. When Orange St. was being repaired, the only one there was crushed by the heavy equipment being used. These are heavily traveled streets by humans and dogs.

  • Lee

    @Heightser, Donald Butler, he does a lot of work in the St. George.

  • Perry Schaffer

    I posted about this in last weeks open thread. My wife and I here new to gorgeous BH, Here for just over a month.

    We’re Amazed – not in a good way – at all the dog poop we see in the streets. DISGUSTING!

    Snow and fewer trash cans notwithstanding – good point about too few trash cans, we have noticed that – this is inexcusable.

    Btw, we are dog owners. We LOVE the dogs. We Hate the owners walking away from their dog’s business.

  • AmyinBH

    When the trash cans are full just take the bag back to your home and dispose of the poo properly. I have seen listed on this blog and heard a million excuses as to why people don’t pick up after their pets. Every excuse is just a veil trying to cover laziness.
    My heros are the people handing out bags to the lazy pet owners and informing them that it is their repsonsibility to pick up the poo!

  • David Fuller

    Some of the do may be due to our sight-impaired residents, who normally are outstanding about curbing their dogs’ business and who have a dispensation from having to bag it. Let’s all take a breath [or hold it and walk by] and let the warmer weather and street cleaners get down to it.

  • Izzy

    Any recommendations for decent, budget-friendly tailoring in the neighborhood? I’d like to have a center back seam tapered on a lined suit jacket but can’t afford to invest too much in it. Is the tailoring situation any better/cheaper LES or elsewhere?

  • Pat

    The part that many people miss is that almost all dog owners pick up after their pets! There are only a few who do not or else we couldn’t walk down the street! There are probably thousands of dogs in this neighborhood.

  • Buddy Holly

    How long should Christmas Wreaths stay up? Some people just don’t want to let go, or are too lazy to take them down.

  • AEB

    TB, I mean substituting generic comes-with-the-apartment knobs–brass-ish, flimsy–with new but antique-ish cut-glass ones.

    If the point of your question is, are the proposed new ones so old that they may not fit standard doors/knob operating “systems,” the answer is no.


  • Heightser

    @Lee – do you have a phone # or email for him?

  • bornhere

    I am amazed at the amount of fare-beating at Montague and Clinton (R train). Although I haven’t noticed it on my way to work, I am wowed by what I see in the early evening. I am sure that Clinton/Montague is not the only place to see this world-class hurdle jumping, and I wonder if there is actually any effect on MTA coffers due to the termination of so many toll-booth attendants.

  • PS 8 parent

    Any recommendations for restaurants in the Sunset Park Chinatown?

  • Hicks St Guy

    @Heightser, Donald Butler cell: 917-862-5024. He did my kitchen, very good work, not cheap, but left the apt very clean every day, very good workmanship.

  • Monty

    I have definitely witnessed dog owners just kick snow over poop. Multiply that by the 8 weeks that snow has been on the ground and now you know why there is a ridiculous amount of it visible right now. @Perry, I have lived here for >5 years and while it has always been a problem, this is the worst I have ever seen.

  • GHB

    As the snow melts, finding dog s#!# is like discovering fossils after the ice age. Realistically, most residents (myself included) are very good at picking up after their pets. It’s just those few…

  • Lee

    @Heightser, i don’t like to post # on this, post you’re email and i’ll email you.

  • Bette

    I’m looking forward to getting on my bike in the (distant) spring. Is there a bike shop anywhere near the Heights to get it tuned up? And if there isn’t, would someone rent one of those vacant storefronts on Remsen and open one please? (whoever does this could also make some money storing bikes for those of us in tiny apts.)

  • David on Middagh

    Bette, you can go to Recycle-a-Bike in Dumbo. There is also a bike shop on Atlantic Avenue, and one waaaay down Court St. in Carroll Gardens.

  • Sticky

    The bike tech at the EMS store in SoHo tunes my bike like a champ and for a reasonable price. Most places in NYC use high schoolers to do the bike work. Not there.

  • epc

    Zia: you can’t be serious about parking in DUMBO. The streets that haven’t been opened up to replace sewer lines are frequently reserved by film productions.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    In today’s NYTimes, there is an article about Boerum Hill’s “Mile High” Deli/Restaurant. Somewhat topical considering the lengthy discussion concerning Montreal bagels.

    I recommend the pastrami hero if anyone is interested.;.)

  • nabeguy

    That’s Mile End Restaurant, not Mile High…that would be the price of a bagel ($2.50!!!)

  • Cliff Sutherland

    @aeb…I could help you out with your door hardware upgrade project. You can reach me at
    I do renovation projects of all sizes in Brooklyn.