Brooklyn Heights Man Behind Murdoch’s iPad Newspaper

BHB contributor/Brooklyn Heights resident/Homer’s pal Greg Clayman is the publisher of Rupert Murdoch’s new game-changing iPad newspaper, The Daily. The project was launched officially yesterday at a big shindig at the Guggenheim Museum (our invite must have been lost in the blizzard). This morning, Clayman was a guest on Fox and Friends to demonstrate the app. Video after the jump.

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  • Publius

    Will the daily be the iPad version of Faux News? Yet another of Sir Rupert’s propaganda organs of right wing fear and greed?

  • Lou K.

    @Publius – I’d expect so.

  • John G

    @Publius – So any divergence from the formerly mainstream liberal media is “right wing propaganda” blah, blah, blah. Try a little diversity, you might learn something.

  • EHinBH

    Thank God for Rupert! I can actually read the Wall Street Journal now without throwing up.

  • Air America

    Fox News exists because for 40-plus years practically every “mainstream” news organization operated as nothing more than a propaganda tool of the Left. Their deceitfully nuanced reportage and editorial seeped, virus-like, into the soul of the country, overtaking media, entertainment, public policy, the public school-system and academia, which is where it originated. You can say what you must about Murdoch and Fox, but their ratings demonstrate that America knows the truth, while the three major networks, the Washington Post, the NY Times, the LA Times, MSNBC, CNN, NPR, PBS (all unapologetic left-wing instruments) are on the brink of collapse.

    I’m off to read the latest copy of City Journal.

    And another thing:

  • Topham Beauclerk

    No serious person would ever find himself on a Murdoch payroll.

  • Publius

    @John B:

    Nice take/distortion of the word “diversity”. Only in the realm of Fox, would their fear mongering, and blatantly far right partisan cheerleading of the GOP’s fairy tale ideologies be considered “diversity.”

    It’s like saying, “hey, you need more diversity in your diet, why don’t you eat some t*rd.” No thanks.

    I don’t need Glenn Beck’s blackboard history lessons that Woodrow Wilson is to blame for all the world’s ills and everything comes back to Nazism or Armageddon.

    @Air America: Fox News exists because there’s a huge number of gullible undereducated and ignorant people in any population. In this regard, the U.S. is unexceptional. For years, the NY Post has been known as the “lip reader’s newspaper” because you could sit across from the guy reading it on the subway and not have to buy a copy.

  • David on Middagh

    Commenters on WNYC say The Daily has distressingly little editorial vision so far. They compared its conciseness, colorfulness, and shallowness to USA Today.

  • body voyage

    I remember this when it was called CD-ROM Publishing.

  • David on Middagh

    Now it’s seedy RAM.

  • heightsssss

    you have to be seriously delusional to believe the crap that fox news churns out everyday advocating fear, racism, and bigotry. Fox is the anti-diversity; fearing an un-white, un-straight, un-christian America.

  • John G

    @Publius and @heightsssss
    My. my, such uncivil discourse. And certainly not fair and balanced.

  • Jorale-man

    Funny how the right wing fringe finds its way to the comments thread of a quiet neighborhood blog like BHB. I suppose it’s inevitable in the age of Google alerts and other search technology, but it can be a little disconcerting all the same.

  • rob

    an utter waste of money. Who would spend hard earned money on fake news stories ? I bet this doesn’t sell

  • skunky

    @John G
    You mean like how Fox spent 45 minutes plugging their parent co’s new product while ignoring the events in Egypt? That’s a great news network! What about bankrolling Huckabee and Palin? How many liberal presidential candidates are actually on the payroll of CBS, etc?

  • Livingston

    @ Jorale-man & Publius:

    Funny how the liberal uber-snobs find their way to the comments thread of a quiet neighborhood blog like BHB.

    Sorry, but one of the great things about living in a democracy with a free press is having a CHOICE of news outlets with a variety of reportage. If you don’t like it, change the channel.

    You can also feel free to stick with just one outlet and not feel challenged by different viewpoints. Kind of like what goes on in countries with state-owned media.

  • Publius


    Only the cowardly winguts at Fox and their lick spittles classify those who call out Murdoch and News Corp’s fearmongering and outright lies as “liberal uber-snobs.”

    Nice to see you’re on the same side of history as McCarthy, Father Coughlin, and Glenn Beck. Let us all know how that turns out for you, ok? Shame that the John Birch Society isn’t active anymore, but at least you have the fanny pack Tea Partiers. (ooops, my “elitism” showing again).

    You see, myself and the rest of those in the reality-based community are going to make sure the stinky diaper your boys left us after 3 decades of the conservative revolution are cleaned up and we move forward.

    But some people need simple fairy tale narratives, so keep on watching Fox! It’s your choice as a red blooded American to be as ignorant and misinformed as you’d like to be.


  • Publius

    Interesting article on the canard Right Wingers love to claim: that the Left controls the media:

  • Air America
  • Claude Scales

    Doesn’t the fact that the Times published that article indicate some variance from a strictly “liberal” regime?

    I’ve put “liberal” in quotation marks because I think it is a term, like “conservative”, that has come unmoored from any fixed meaning.

  • Air America

    Hardly. The NY TImes published the article because the findings make them feel morally superior. But the study speaks for itself. Conservatives in most walks of contemporary life, have become the new minority to discriminate against. Liberals have become the new fascists. It’s your way or the highway. And if you encounter dissent, disagreement or opposition of any kind, that person or group is castigated, exiled, blackballed, and deemed, in the words of Publius, “gullible undereducated, ignorant and unexceptional.”

    Now you go read your Arianna Huffington and I’ll go read my Solzhenitsyn.
    “One word of truth outweighs the world.”

  • Claude Scales

    Actually, I prefer Edmund Burke to Ariana Huffington.

  • Air America

    Then there is hope. :)