Open Thread Wednesday 1/19/11

Hey! It’s Wednesday! Comment away!

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  • paul

    we need to get a few prints framed. there are several framing stores, anyone have particular recommendations?

    not necessarily looking for the cheapest place, but a balance of good quality and price, as I am well aware framing is harder than it seems.

  • Monty

    I’m on a business trip to an industrial area of MA. There is a restaurant across the street from my hotel, but the street is 6 lanes wide with a concrete barricade and if there was a sidewalk at some point it is now covered by a snow back 6 feet high and 10 feet deep. It would be a 5-10 minute taxi ride to get there. It just made really appreciate living in BH where I can step out of my house and go any direction I want and get to something fun and interesting. Our food scene is pretty paltry compared to Manhattan, but you have to appreciate that it’s still better than 98% of the rest of the world.

  • AEB

    Me and the Crossing Guard
    Chapter LXXVXIV

    So about two weeks ago I’m walking towards Henry on Middagh on a non-garbage-pickup day, and on the pavement, near the curb, I see a black plastic bag that looks like it contains garbage.

    I start to pick it up, planning to throw it away in my building’s nearby garbage pails (located in a wooden shed), when I hear a shout:

    “Hey-that’s mine! What you doing?”

    Yes, it’s Ms, T., the crossing guard, screaming at me. I do and say nothing and leave the bag where it was.

    Forward to last week. As I’m passing the garbage shed I see, stuck into the ground-floor guard of an adjacent window a rolled-up magazine. God, I think, why people can’t throw away their garbage? I begin to toss the magazine when I hear:

    “Hey! That’s mine. What you doing! Leave it there!”

    Many thoughts, and none of the pretty, whirl through my head. I scream, “It doesn’t belong there”!

    “Mind you business!” says the crossing guard.

    I am, to say the least, adrenalized. But I say or do nothing further, and try to figure out how to deal with what I see as an ongoing disrespect by Ms. T. of my building and the nabe.

    (Some of you reading this may remember that Ms. T. and I have a history, involving her leaving her used coffee cups on the tops of my building’s garbage pails, plus her moving the public garbage pail from the corner to block cars from parking near the school, and not moving it back.)

    When I return home that night the magazine has been removed from the window, but stuck under the lid of the garbage shed–not thrown away.

    So, tell her that I will report her if she continues to leave her stuff around? Reason with her? Do nothing?

    Yesterday morning, I see her standing in a side doorway, and I think, It’s now or never.

    “Ms. T., ” says I, “I would like it if you would respect my building and not leave your personal property on it.”

    “Who are you? What’s you name? Do you own the building?”

    “No, I live here–but I still take responsibility for the building looking as good as possible.”

    “You not the owner? I talk to the owner! I see him here all the time! ”

    “Ms. T., may I ask you a question?”

    “You not the owner, I not talking to you.”

    “…do you think I should be responsible for throwing away your garbage? If the situation were reversed, would you feel that you should throw away mine?”

    “You got a super….”

    “No, there’s no super…”

    She pauses. I have, unwittingly, found a key I didn’t know I’d need.

    “Oh,” she says, “no super.”

    “No, Ms. T, no super. So please, don’t leave your garbage around.”

    I reach out a hand. She takes it. We shake. I thank her. And walk to the subway.

    One small step for mankind? To be continued, I’m sure.

    (And for those of you tempted to tell me to get a life–thanks, but as you can see, I already have dozens.)

  • SJF0623

    Could anybody please recommend a handy man to help hang a ceiling lamp? I saw some recommendations from posts from 2008, but the cell phone numbers referenced seem to be out of service. Thank you!

  • AEB

    SJF, call John Lonergan,

    (c) 212 475-6100

    (h) 718 875-6100.

    He does superb work for a reasonable fee.

  • lcd

    AEB – way to go! keep us posted (I’m sure you will!)

  • bornhere

    Paul — I know they don’t look like much from the outside, but the framing store (downstairs) on Montague has never disappointed me. I’ve had very and not-so expensive things framed there, and their recommendations and skill have invariably been great. Their prices are fair, too. Jubilee (on Henry near Clark) is also excellent, but they are VERY expensive.

    SJF — as always, John Lonergan has been my go-to lighting/electrical guy forever. And he’s an absolute “font of fabulous” when it comes to Heights reminiscing!

  • mark

    I want girl scout cookies. What are my options?

  • David Fuller

    Can someone help — I tried twice to post what I think are interesting comments regarding the Tobacco Warehouse and received a “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” comment. What gives?

  • Topham Beauclerk

    Paul, I recommend unreservedly Jubilee Gallery on Henry St off Clark, across the street from the church which posts the usually banal quotations. You needn’t worry about its not being the cheapest place. It isn’t; but for the quality of work and the choice of frames, Jubilee’s prices are reasonable. And its owner is a movie star, having been in Hannah and Her Sisters.

  • Nathan

    Paul, I highly reccomend warren framing on Coney Island Ave. I have used them for years and have framed everything from $10000.00 artwork to $25.00 posters. You won’t be dissapointed!

  • Nathan

    best handyman in Ditmas Park is without a doubt Almac Hardware on Newkirk Plaza. They do everything from plumbing to roofing!!!

  • north heights res

    Not that we need any more evidence of the disgrace that it is the Cobble Hill service station on Atlantic and Henry but:

    I called AAA last night because my car, parked on Hicks, wouldn’t start. I explained when I called that the battery was fine, but the engine wouldn’t turn over.

    A truck came within a reasonable time, from that station; the driver became irritated when I tried to start the car. “That’s not a battery problem,” he said. “You don’t need a jump.”

    I explained that I knew that and I had made that clear when I called. “Well, I’m here to jump your car,” he said. “I’ll tow it to our station.”

    Um, no thanks, I said. I’d like to go to Urban Classics.

    “I’m here to jump your car,” he repeated. “I’ll tow you to our station. You want to go somewhere else, you have to call back.” And off he went.

    I called AAA and filed a complaint; I then called again this morning because my car needed to be moved by 8 am, making clear that I did not want this station to provide the service.

    Two hours later, the same guy shows up. By this point, mine was the only car on the street, as it was 8:30; three feet in front of my car was a pile of snow, about 3 1/2 feet high.

    “What are you going to do about that snow?” he asked. I replied that getting rid of snow on the street wasn’t my job. “Not mine, either,” he replied. “I can’t tow your car with that there, and I’m not here to move snow.” And off he went.

    I called an independent towing service, who showed up within 30 minutes and had no trouble towing my car from the spot. And yes, AAA will reimburse the cost.

    What I’ve written here doesn’t begin to convey his attitude, or my outrage, but you get the point. Unbelievably, completely unacceptable.

  • Topham Beauclerk

    A friend will soon be moving from Columbia Heights to Hicks St. Could anyone recommend a good mover, one who is prepared to give a price, not an estimate?

  • CB

    Has anyone noticed the terrible smell of B.O. at the Key Foods on Montague Street? It seems to emanate from the dairy section and has been there for weeks. Also, why do they restock at 6 PM? Just curious – don’t think I can shop there anymore because it’s so disgusting and poorly run. Anyone else notice this?

  • EHinBH

    CB: My wife and I were just commenting on that odor yesterday! It is discusting — can’t imagine what it is, but I would be glad to hear…

    TB: The best movers are Oz.

    Two comments… 1) Went to the BAM Harvey Theatre. Great show, AWFUL THEATRE with RUDE and LAZY STAFF. Never again. 2) Brooklyn Flea: Dont get it. It’s not good. Dont go…

  • Christi

    Lordy! CB….I’ve noticed this aroma as well ….even walked back to make sure it was coming from the dairy section….it is…hmmmm
    ah, Keyfood…how I won’t miss you when I’ve moved!

  • T.K. Small

    @Topham: A close family member used to be the main estimator for The Padded Wagon moving. The Padded Wagon is more of an upscale moving company, but they are a little more expensive.

    I am sure they would do an excellent job and, if your friend needs a definite price, I think that would be a matter of negotiation. Sometimes there are variables which make a move more difficult, but a good estimator is usually very close.

    The Padded Wagon

  • AmyinBH

    Mark, If you work in an office, ask around. The Girl Scouts have a year long rotation for selling cookies. I know one local troop sells cookies in the summer in BH. I don’t know if there is a way to contact the main office and ask for local sales.

    CB, I have noticed the odor and just assumed it was a cashier. That is where I seem to notice it the most. I only shop for one or two general items there since a “grey meat” incident.


  • Flashlight Worthy

    All-Star moving in Brooklyn. I’ve used them 3 times flawlessly to move an entire household of stuff. Have recommended them 3 times to friends and all have been thrilled. Google can get you the number.

  • bklyn20

    Mark — re Girl Scout cookies, I know several girls who are selling them, but the sale period ends this Friday!!

    Homer — how can he get in touch with me? I know someone else’s daughter who might be able to help.

    Re: Key Food Odorama — I have smelled it repeatedly while I debate which string cheese to put in the school lunches. It is truly repulsive. I feel very guilty about the evil looks I gave some people until I realized that the STORE must have B.O., not the customers. Yes, yes,TraderJoe’s — I know. But they don’t have a few things that, sadly, I must get at the Evil Key.

  • bornhere

    CB — I first noticed the smell before Christmas (!), when someone was restocking the dairy case. The following week, the aroma remained, but the restocker was gone. I was amazed that something with such an “identifiable source” could be something else. And I don’t want to think of what the something else might be. If we notice it, one would think that Tony and the Key Food managers would notice/address it.

  • OMG
  • David on Middagh

    Yikes! If you put “www” before, you get a bizarro Brooklyn Bugle layout. I had to click a link at the bottom of that page to get “here”. I hope this staid, functional, linear, trusty old layout won’t be going away. The flashy-flash one doesn’t cut it.

  • MiTh

    Paul – It really depends on the kind of work you are looking to frame. I had good experience with the studio on Cranberry and Hicks although their prices are not cheap. The owner suggested a few options, including ones that are totally outside the box.
    On a different piece I had good experience with Jubilee but that was not very recent.

  • anon (but not Junkersfeld)

    If you move out of the neighborhood, and away from the artificially high prices, go to 345 Smith St for Perfect Corner (, which has reasonable prices, great service, a fine selection of frames and members of the Professional Picture Framers Association (PPFA) and Fine Art Care Treatment Standards (FACTS.). They’ve done our stuff and we’ve been very satisfied, without getting framed by high prices (sorry, couldn’t resist).

  • Arch Stanton

    I propose you rename the open thread “Whambulance Wednesdays”

  • bklyn20

    6:30 am — and multiple helicopters are cacophanizing (sp?) outside my windows. Perhaps I am going to need a whaaambulance, but this is still happening and is still inappropriate and crazy.

  • weegee

    This morning’s choppers are due to the fatal bicyclist struck on the BQE/Atlantic ramp.

  • CK

    Is anyone else experiencing issues with their Time Warner cable recently? (Channels not consistantly working, breaking up of audio and visual, etc..)