Old Grey Lady Covers Nabe’s SuperRabbi

The New York Times had a great piece this morning focusing on Brooklyn Heights' own Rabbi Simcha Weinstein.

rabbi simchaNew York Times:Religion and Comic Books: Where Did Superman’s Theology Come From?: “I feel queasy when I read people who use pop culture to try to proselytize,” said Rabbi Weinstein, a member of the Lubavitcher Hasidic sect who is the campus rabbi at Pratt Institute. “And I didn’t want to enforce my own fantasy.

“But I knew the writers were Jewish. That’s a historical fact. And when I bought all the comics, and gave them my rabbi’s reading, I saw something there. Judaism is filled with superheroes and villains — Samson, Pharaoh. And it’s a religion rich in storytelling and in themes of being moral, ethical, spiritual.”


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