P.S. 8 is Looking for Volunteers to Help Stage Original Play

P.S. 8 is holding a Volunteer Day this Saturday (5/17) from 10AM – 2PM. The school is looking for volunteers to help “transform” the school auditorium into a theater space for its original production, Soldea Island. The play is a student-run endeavor from “PR and the crew to the Assistant Director, actor and announcers.” Performances will take place at the school [37 Hicks Street] on May 29 at 6PM 5:30PM and May 30 at 6:30PM.
Teacher Karen Block, who became a teacher after years in public relations, P.S. 8 fourth grader Amanda describes Soldea Island :
The play is about two groups of people, the Urples and the Eenies. The Urples have purple hair. They love music, dance, and all kinds of arts. The Eenies however, have green hair and like scientific things. There is a wall of “hatred” that separates them. One day a boy named Havi from the Urple side gets his foot stuck in the wall. A girl named Nika from the Eenies side sees him and gets a potion to help him. The two sides are supposed to hate each other but once they become friends, a small hole is created in the wall. Eventually, the wall is worn away. This play has themes of how wrong racism and war is.
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