CB2 Clarifies Liquor License Protocol

Earlier this week, Brownstoner wrote that CB2 seemed to be clamping down on new liquor licenses along Atlantic Avenue via a new policy.  It quoted Perris as saying the board would “stop issuing” liquor licenses in “over saturated” areas.

CB2 District Manager Robert Perris clarifies the situation for BHB:

The community board voted unanimously last night [Wedneday] to approve a standing protocol to recommend that the State Liquor Authority (SLA) not approve liquor license applications if the applicants do not cooperate with the community board’s review procedure.

The review consists of a questionnaire and supporting material; floor plans, photographs, a menu if food is served, petitions of support from residents in the immediate area, a copy of the SLA application. (This last item is a bit of a “Catch-22,” since the applicant cannot file the application, and therefore probably doesn’t fill out the application, for at least 30 days after notifying the community board.) The applicant is also asked to post a notice stating when the Health, Environment and Social Services Committee will review the application. Applicants that ask to be laid-over to a future meeting will generally be granted that request. However, applicants that have notified Community Board 2 of their intention to apply for a liquor license, and then are not responsive, will be presumed to be actively continuing to obtain a license. It is that situation that the new standing protocol is intended to address.

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