Welcome to the Nabe Korres, Now Take Those Banners Down

Usually when something terrible or wonderful happens in Brooklyn Heights, we’ll get an email from a member of the BHB community. Sometimes a photo of the “incident” is provided too. This Internet thing is good like that. So it surprised us to see an item in this week’s Brooklyn Paper about the “outrage” over Brooklyn Loves to Shop banners sponsored by the new Korres store on Montague and NYC & Co. that were placed on Henry Street between Clark and Montague on Monday.

With such a maelstrom brewing in the Heights — nothing, not a peep in our inbox, nabe chatter, talk on the street or calls from neighbors about this. Zip. Not a Twitter, no Flickr photo sets. Silence. Hardly a groundswell.

So where was all this controversy coming from? According to the article, the banners came down quickly after The Brooklyn Paper started asking “local officials” why these “commericial” banners had been placed on a residential street.

Montague BID spokesperson Chelsea Mauldin immediately needed to go into crisis mode and to assert that Korres responded quickly to the “complaints” by taking the banners down. She added that the Greek cosmetics company “very much want to be good neighbors”.

Brooklyn Heights residents quoted by Brooklyn Paper thought the banners “cheapened” the look of the neighborhood while another felt they were just out of place. But yet, the heaps of garbage right under the banner were not offensive?

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  • NahRight

    Kuntzman is appropriately named. Those banners hurt no one.

  • CJP

    Totally agree that this is a “non-event” for the neighborhood. Welcome Korres. We’ve all been speaking out for a different kind of retail or restaurant experience on Montague. Finally we get it.

    I barely noticed the banners. And if anyone is complaining about them, I’ve certainly not heard it. And if anyone DOES complain about banners it can be a lot worse. Anyone remember the banners on the side of Corcoran Realty when it arrived at the new location?

    The Korres banners are innocuos and colorful. Let ’em fly!

  • http://www.brooklynpaper.com Gersh Kuntzman

    Besides the gratuitous mockery of my surname, I always love reading your blog, Homer. That said, this item reads like a long complaint that The Brooklyn Paper actually broke a story that you did not. Just because Brooklyn Heights Blog didn’t hear it doesn’t mean that there was not anger about those banners showing up in a residential strip. Indeed, our story quote a bunch of people, including someone from the BHA, who were upset. And, indeed, the banners were quickly relocated after the proper authorities heard about the anger.

    I see no need to mock our coverage in this case or suggest that we used the term “terrible” to describe the banners. We did no such thing. Thanks!


  • Homer Fink

    Thanks for the the comment Gersh! More podcasts!!