Open Thread Wednesday 5/7/08

What’s on your mind this week?

La Traviata – No Delivery for You!

Magic Waterfalls!!

And BHB reader Sean T. Conrad wants to know – what cell phone provider has the best Brooklyn Heights coverage?

…and whatever else is on your mind!

P.S. Watchtower denies sale of Bossert to Robert Levine, despite the fact that Levine was AT the Bossert when the Brooklyn Eagle called. [Brooklyn Eagle] Is this just Theocratic War Strategy at work?

Flick photo by Frank Lynch

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  • Publius

    Re: Cell Phone Coverage in the Heights:

    I used to use Sprint, which was terrible. 0-1 bars in my house.

    I switched at AT&T about a year ago and routinely get 5 bars, regular connections and almost no dropped calls.

  • Qfwfq

    Regarding coverage in Brooklyn Heights, I’ve had no problems with Verizon.

  • Bee Heights

    I am on Columbia Heights and it’s the exact opposite for me. AT&T was awful and Sprint is better but not amazing. My wife has Verizon and they seem to be ok too.

  • Steve-o

    I’m on Grace Ct. and AT&T is always 5 bars in our house, even in the basement.

  • Sean

    I have T-Mobile and I get terrible reception walking down Clark and in the apartment, which is why I emailed the question.

  • nabeguy

    Bornhere, I checked for that truck-restriction sign you mentioned on CPW and Henry and couldn’t find it, unless it was buried under the scaffolding on the hi-rise.

  • yo

    i’m still in mourning over the traviata closing…..

  • Dan

    Did anyone hear really loud helicopter noises on Monday night around 4am? Perhaps it’s a regular thing, but I was sleeping with my windows open for the first time, and was woken up and had to shut them because of the noise. Sounded like it was coming from Cadman Plaza…

  • nabeguy

    I’ve gotten so used to the hovering news helicopters at 6:00 AM doing their BQE traffic reports that I don’t even hear them anymore. 4:00 AM is a bit early, so I suspect that it may have been an OEM thing, which is housed in (what used to be called) Red Cross Park on Adams St.

  • bornhere

    Thanks, nabe. Maybe one was placed there but a southbound truck knocked it down :) Back to feverish interactions with DOT. Oh, joy.

  • T

    Does anyone live in the block bordered by Clark/Monroe/Pierrepont/Clinton and happen to know who it is leaving their dog out to bark all the time recently? Sounds like a small dog, left out at all kinds of hours (1am even last night or night before last). I’d sure love it if someone could kindly ask them to let the dog inside… with all the tall-ish buildings around that bark just amplifies…

    And re the cell phone – I’ve not had any troubles with Verizon in the neighborhood…

  • yo


    There is someone on Clinton, between State and Joralemon that does the same thing with their dog – it is outside at all hours, every day. I mean, what’s the point of having a dog if you just chain it up outside all the time?

    besides, the incessant barking is really annoying…

  • Dan

    Thanks nabeguy – that was probably it. I was just curious if there may have been something else going on.

    On the cell phone thing, Verizon seems to work great for me in Brooklyn Heights, even in a basement.

  • Jo

    Another happy Verizon customer here.

  • antidog

    Hmmm… dogs barking. a topic up my own alley.

    i live above a local restaurant, and someone routinely leaves the dog outside while they go in to eat.

    bark bark bark bark bark bark bark

    If I owned a rifle, the barking would cease abruptly.

  • nelson

    Yes, and if I had any kind of anti-aircraft weaponry, I’d get rid of the hovering helicopters….the sound really amplifies beetween buildings. doesn’t matter if windows are open or closed….very disturbing

  • Serial Cellular Dater

    In my apartment on Willow St., Verizon seems to work best. Over the last few years, I’ve dated guys who were a Cingular/AT&T, and then a T-Mobile, and then a Sprint, and none of them worked out both relationship-wise and cell-reception-wise. I’m currently dating a Verizon guy, and I’m happy to report that he’s a keeper.

  • Tiny

    Does anyone know what’s up with Siggy’s? It’s been closed for a few mornings now . . .

  • Joe

    Serial Cellular Dater, when I was younger and lived in Manhattan on the upper East side I avoided dating people outside of NYC or sometimes even on the west side. It was too much of a commuting pain to make a relationship work when you had to do too many transfers. If I liked someone, I liked them even more if they lived where the 6, 4, 5, N &R stops.

    BTW there is dating in Brooklyn Heights? When did this happen?

  • Teddy

    I’ve had Verizon for years and I usually get good reception in the Heights/Cobble Hill, even in my home. And yeah Joe, dating happens, just a lot less than in neighborhoods with better bars and restaurants. I usually meet people in the city where we can get our nightlife groove on.

  • CJP

    Wanted to comment on Joe’s dating by subway stops! Years ago, before cellphones made area codes meaningless, I would date geographically. 212 you were in; 718 or 201 you were out. The flaw in my system is that I fell in love (sort of) with a woman who was 718 (Park Slope).

    She moved to 212, but by that point and as you probably guessed by the fact that the posting is on this blog, I moved to 718.

    Admittedly it was a dumb system but I understand the convenience factor involved. When I was living on East 95th Street between 1st and 2nd, before gentifrication, I was dating someone else who lived on Horatio Street in Greenwich Village. That relationship didn’t last because she wasn’t worth the schlep.

  • Serial Cellular Dater

    well, current dude who’s the verizon dude drives his car from queens and willingly goes through the hassle of parking in our neighborhood all the time, rather than making me make the schlep to his borough, so i know this one must be a keeper.

  • Joe

    “That relationship didn’t last because she wasn’t worth the schlep.”

    CJP I guess she wasn’t schlep worthy unlike our Serial Cellular Dater.

    I also lived in the 90s when I was in my 20s. More precisely on 92 between 1st and 2nd and it was sort of gentrifying at the time.

    When I was young, foolish and lived in Manhattan I would never schlep out to to see my friends in cobble hill because I thought Brooklyn was another planet and not NYC. I was certain I would get lost or mugged in Brooklyn. Now that I live in BH I now find it hard to entice my Manhattan single friends to take the subway to visit. Its Karma.

  • CJP

    Joe— Totally the same experience here! I thought Park Slope was a world away. And I also felt the same way about potential misadventures in Brooklyn.

  • More Cell Phone Stores

    I have Verizon with no problems. Had problems with Sprint in all parts of the neighborhood. What cracked me up the most with Sprint is that you can stand in front of their store on Montague and STILL not have reception. I realize that the cell sites are not in the stores but you’d think they’d bother to get one installed nearby…