Are Brookly Heights Coffee Prices Cranked Up?

A posting on Chowhound reads:

Cranberry’s in Brooklyn Heights charges $3.50 for a large iced coffee! While I love the idea of a neighborhood bakery, that price is completely ridiculous when Connecticut Muffin charges $2.75 for the same thing.
With the coffee prices dropping in the commodity markets, are you still finding your local cuppa joe to be a little pricey?

Flickr photo by rocksinablender

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  • nancy

    I’m thinking the name was the Promenade Diner, but I may be wrong…

  • roccos

    I prefer my own coffee. I have a BUNN coffee maker – love my BUNN. If I HAD to go out for coffee I’d prefer DUNKIN DONUTS


  • nabeguy

    Nazimova, her name was Josie, and she was always whistling. And her boyfriend Eddie, was the bartender at the Bossert Hotel bar. The Heights Cafe was definitely called the Promenade Diner. Extra credit for naming the bar where the HOT BAGEL store is now. And bornhere, was that Lenny’s Clam Bar? Fool that I am, I moved out of the Heights during the 80’s and missed all the comings and goings.

  • http://BrooklynHeightsBlog Karl

    Since some are taking a walk down Montaque Street memory lane, I used to love Aesop’s Fables with that beautiful fireplace. Also loved the breakfast place with the backyard tht use to sell fresh ground coffee. Their omelettes were great.

  • Kris

    Shame on you, nabeguy. ;)
    Since this blog is about coffee in BH…this might sound crazy but I really like the coffee at Grand Canyon. Granted I’m not a coffee aficionado, but I love it!

  • bornhere

    Nabe — Yes, Lenny’s Clam Bar. And the dark-haired waitress at La Trav (although I don’t know for sure if she’s still there) used to work at Lenny’s. And wasn’t the Hot Bagel some nautical thing?

  • nancy

    Sometime in between Lenny’s and Jennifer convertibles, it was Raffales. It was 1987-88. Wasn’t the record store called Square Circle or something like that? It was next to the woman’s store ZigZag.

  • Vinny From Brooklyn

    I agree that we need a good deli on Montague St.

    As for coffee I actually had one from Starbucks a few weeks back. Tall Vanilla latte cost me like $5 or so. I am not a fan of Busy chef coffee but I only had it once.

  • bornhere

    Six degrees of … Yes, Zig-Zag was upstairs (above what is now Ann Taylor), before it moved to Pineapple Walk. And remember the bizarre, chemical smell in Square Circle!

  • nazimova

    nabeguy that was Danny’s no? how about the Piano Bar across the street where that small kids clothing store is now..
    Who ran that place (early 70’s) I think they were from Ireland.

  • Andrew Porter

    Nabeguy, Sahadi has P&G Tips, and Yorkshire. Don’t know whether they have their decaf though. They have regular and decaf Typhoo. I too remember Piccadeli — and their pickles on the tables… But they were where Housing Works is now, I think, and had the second floor as overflow eating space, where the “Psychic” is now.

    The bar in the Bossert was the Piano Bar, and it was a gay hangout, as was the place on the corner of Pineapple and Henry where Peas ‘N’ Pickles is now. The original occupant of the space was Jack and Lottie’s Chinese Restaurant. There was also a bank on PW, briefly, plus a hardware store. When I moved into BH, the block of Pineapple/Henry/Clark/Cadman was vacant, a rubble filled lot. This was my first apt away from home, for $188 a month. And in 3 weeks I’ll get my first SS check…

    Sorry, couldn’t find my keyboard for a minute there; it disappeared under my flowing white beard…

  • CJP

    And while we’re walking down memory lane… how about Slade’s? And what was the restaurant before Al Buon Gusto. I’ll swear it was a gay bar. My very first day in the neighborhood, after moving in and unpacking boxes, I walked into that place and thought “hmmm… this looks okay for a beer and dinner.” I ordered and then as I looked around it was all guys in there.

    Then I thought… “what the heck, I’m here for a beer and dinner. Does it really matter whether or not it’s a gay bar?”

    I was truly exhausted, at dinner and didn’t give it too much more thought. The place closed shortly thereafter, must have been 92 or 93. But I’m curious. Could there really have been a gay bar on Montague? And then wasn’t there a strip bar in Clark Street station, at least there was an entrance there? Again I vaguely remember seeing a sign leading to an entrance promoting something like that. Anyone remember that?

  • Mike Weinberger

    Beavis, and anyone else who remembers Hot Bird is invited to write to me. It would be great fun. I founded the Hot Bird chain in 1989 and after some years away from NY, I am now back. Let’s share some memories. Mike Weinberger