Jemima Kirke on Life in Brooklyn Heights

Actress Jemima Kirke, Heights resident and daughter of Bad Company (and, before that, Free) drummer Simon Kirke and fashion and interior designer Lorraine Kirke, is in Lena Dunham’s movie Tiny Furniture as well as Dunham’s forthcoming comedy series for HBO. Interviewed by Noemi Zeichner, she had this to say:

Hot Trends USA: How did you meet Lena, who wrote, directed and cast you in Tiny Furniture and the upcoming HBO show?
Lena I met in high school. She states we met in middle school at a diversion where they got all the different private schools together, in the bathroom and I was wearing some really cool outfit like a tube top or something, and she was like “cool tube top”. I don’t remember that, but we became close at St. Ann’s in Brooklyn Heights, which is fucking boring. There’s nothing in Brooklyn Heights, it’s just a beautiful neighborhood. Actually that’s where I live now. It hasn’t changed or anything, its just that I’ve changed and this is where I want to be now.

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  • tb

    I’m not sure why I feel slightly irritated by this post.

  • Heather Quinlan

    Clause, please tell me you hung out with Bad Company.

  • cat

    @tb — maybe because she sounds idiotic?

  • Claude Scales

    Heather: I usually hang out with (strictly lowercase) bad company, but you’re one of the exceptions.

  • summitst

    feel free to leave.

  • watchin on the nade

    WHO? shes no more famous than the nice guy who sweeps the promenade in the am and greets everyone on their way and is very likely less liked.

    why does this intvw with “hot trends USA” (Who??) qualify as a news post? I mean most of the commenters on this blog have no life other than to be critical of other commenters but i yearn for the days when Homer controlled all of the content and editorial. had much more personality then and humor…

  • nabeguy

    Truth be told, she has now become as boring as the neighborhood she lives in.

  • Topham Beauclerk

    “…and she was like ‘cool tube top’.”