Open Thread – Best Places for Last Minute Holiday Gifts

Do you wait until the last second to buy your Christmas and/or Holiday gifts? Have any favorite destinations for these purchases? Comment away!

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  • Joe2: The Joe-ening

    My plan for this coming weekend is to raid the Brooklyn Flea to load up on gifts for people that are outside the bounds of what they might usually get.

  • redbaron

    I’ve always found the Women’s Exchange to be great for last-minute gifts, and it’s stuff you can’t find elsewhere.

  • grumpy bert

    for designer toys and artsy cutesy stuff, check out grumpy bert.

    we’re an online store located in brooklyn heights. we’ll deliver to your door step for free if you live in the heights or within the vicinity.

  • since47

    Overtures (Hicks Street), Haystack (Clinton Street) and the Women’s Exchange (Pierrepont Street) are all good places for ‘last minute’ shopping in the Heights. And in all three of these stores you can also find gifts for children.

  • Joe

    Overtures & Women’s Exchange but mostly for office mates and kid’s stuff.

  • Jeff Stein

    Well next year you will have a new place to shop for fun items. Fringe will be at 91 Montague street….. Free haircuts and styling with the purchase of a small gift

  • Karl Castin

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