Yassky in the Taxisky

Brooklyn Heights resident/ TLC Commishsky David Yassky has been entertaining taxi passengers for the last few weeks with his video (watch it after the jump) hyping the city’s Taxi of Tomorrow initiative. Got a great idea about what the Taxi of Tomorrow should be? Tell Yassky and you could win a year of free taxi rides. This week the 40 second video of the Commishsky is being phased out. But has fame spoiled David Yassky?

NY Times Cityroom: Of course, making an appearance in thousands taxi rides is bound to have some side effects. Mr. Yassky, a former city councilman who is no stranger to New York’s political world, started hearing from friends on the ad’s first day.

“I’m not going to say every e-mail hit the target in terms of being humorous, but generally people were looking to be funny,” he said.

At a parent-teacher conference last week, Mr. Yassky, who has two daughters, was approached by several parents who recognized him from the ads. One day on the sidewalk, the commissioner bumped into a Yale Law School classmate whom he had not seen in years. The classmate, now a partner at a major law firm, greeted him by reciting a phrase from the ad: “Text 467, 467!”

“She said, ‘I’m seeing you all the time,’ ” Mr. Yassky said.

Oh, and post about a video promising “… of Tomorrow” warrants the obligatory “Chef of the Future” embed:

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  • Molly

    Yes. But, he probably reads this blog (I hope he does).
    I would love him if he took the televisions out of the cabs – but alas I might be in the minority.
    Also, what is up with the dress code ideas? When you find a cab during changeover time, do you really care what he is wearing (I will not take your cab – you are wearing a tank top!).

  • my2cents

    The taxi of tomorrow should be manned by a driver who actually knows the streets outside of the gridded parts of manhattan.

  • David on Middagh

    Molly, you are not alone. I hate auto-on TVs in cabs and planes. I hate TVs in lunch places, too.

    (I love TV at home, where it belongs.)

    Replace the taxi TV technology with a honk-counter. Overhonkin’ cabbies need weekly reminders from the TLC that honking when no-one is in danger is annoying and not legal.