Fatality at Problem Intersection.

Police say a 69-year-old woman was killed just after noon today when she was struck by a commercial vehicle at the intersection of Adams St. and Joralemon St. Her identity has not yet been released, and the NYPD is conducting an investigation into the circumstances of the accident. This intersection is notorious for being the scene of accidents, due to its high volume of vehicular and pedestrian traffic, and, according to some, made more dangerous when the timing of the traffic lights is changed by the DOT.

Update: Police have identified the victim as Dolly Shirzada of Pierrepont St.

Update: NY1 video after the jump.

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  • yo

    it’s a combination of factors that cause so many problems there. First, cars come flying through at 100mph and do not slow down near the intersection even though there are always tons of people in the crosswalk….

    Second, people cross against the light. This would be OK if people crossing against the light actually moved their ass instead of walking at a snail’s pace while refusing to speed up as the cars are approaching.

    Sounds to me like this was a case of someone following the group across the street as they crossed against the light, and unfortunately she wasn’t fast enough to get out of the way of the car….

  • not quite

    this wasn’t on the corner of joralemon and boerum. this was about 200-300yds closer to the brooklyn bridge. there really isn’t a crosswalk down by where this woman was truck.
    that being said, interection of boerum/joralemon/fulton is an accident waiting to happen. between the f-ed up light pattern, a ton of pedestrians, construction and impatient drivers, i’m surprise more people aren’t hit.

  • nancy

    Yes there is a crosswalk. It hapenddbetween 345 Adams and the Marriott. I work there and saw it. that poor woman. She died on impact. She was knocked out of her shoes. I know she was in the crosswalk, but don’t know if the light was green or red. It was truly terrible to see her laying there, dead.

  • not quite

    i stand corrected. there is a crosswalk down that way. i didn’t want to be another looker in the already very crowded streets…only saw from that crazy intersection at joralemon.

  • T.K. Small

    The whole area is a complete pedestrian disaster! As I was getting ready to cross Joralemon street toward Brooklyn Law school, a minivan came whipping around the corner and clipped the front of my wheelchair. Although I was not hurt, it scared the shit out of me!!!

    A few years ago there was a campaign to get a pedestrian bridge installed over Adams Street. Initially I thought that the idea of a bridge was excessive, but, in light of the recent fatality, it seems like a prudent idea.

    Ensuring that the downtown Brooklyn area is safe for pedestrians is something that Community Board 2 should be working on.

  • yo

    a number of people have been hit and killed at the intersection of joralemon and boerum over the years….

    wouldn’t placing a traffic cop at some of these crazy intersections be a cheap easy solution? At the very least it should cut down on the number of people crossing against the light.

  • T.K. Small

    Brooklyn Friends is on the other side and I believe there is a crossing guard already stationed in the area. Maybe a cop or two could be more forceful.

  • JGM

    Has anyone ever seen a NYPD speed trap set up anywhere in the city? Could be the answer to both needless killings as well as our impending budget crisis…