The BHB Ten 2010 – Nomination Open Thread

Who are the most influential, altruistic or just plain special Brooklyn Heights residents worthy of a spot on this year’s BHB Ten? Your suggestions and comments heavily influence our picks, so comment away!

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  • nabeguy

    This might seem a tad blog-o-centrc, but I’d like to nominate Heather Quinlan. While her contributions to the well-being of the neighborhood may be limited to this site, her enthusiasm and unique (daresay, idiosyncratic) insights about all things Heights are nothing short of inspired. The fact that she’s a transplant only makes her spirit that much more commendable. Good on you girl, and keep it up.

  • Melissa

    I second Heather!

  • bklyn20

    Ben Bankson, definitely!

    I second/third/whatever Seth Phillips and Lisa Kopel. Also Debbie Keim, and also Nicky. And Ken Diamondstone does a lot of great things that many people know nothing about. Thanks, Biv et al, for the suggestions.

    But I have a gigantic cognitive dissonance headache with the nominations for Nancy Webster and Regina Myer. If they were my next door neighbors, I would probably like them. But giving them credit for building the park is a bit much. They are more like the iron-fisted gatekeepers of a Bloomberg done deal that the more enlightened among us are un-doing. Anyone advancing the sham plan for BBP is neither influential nor special nor altruistic. Altruistic, no — the current BBP regime and altruism are mutually exclusive.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Daniela Gioseffi, was mentioned here at the BHB by our resident genius, Cllaude Scales, in June of this year if I am not mistaken.

    Nothing in the nabe gets by Claude Scales who sung her praises with a dedicated article with respect to Emily Dickerson.

  • David on Middagh

    A bit off-topic, but we, the blog commenterati, self-charged to keep the purity of the language, perhaps should eschew the influence of business-speak which is everywhere causing the lamentable substitution of the faux-punchy “impacted” for “affected”, “influenced”, or “changed”.

    When AEB writes,

    “While this “competition” appears to be limited to Heights residents who have impacted the neighborhood in a significant way in the past year…”

    my thoughts go to that poor defenestrated college student, lately of the St. George Hotel. May he rest in peace.

  • AEB

    But, Dave, AEB never wrote that. You’re quoting someone else, who impacted negatively on the English language….

    PS, I’d check out Dr. Allen’s post–the phrase must be in there somewhere.

  • David on Middagh

    My apologies–it was nabeguy, that negative impacter. Mea culpa, and him even more so.

  • bklyn20

    I also would like to nominate Homer and Claude for their tireless work on the blog.

    And is that the real Junkersfeld above? Or a really junky impostor?

  • nabeguy

    Wow, Dave, your comment really had an impact on me. I promise to try and refrain from using such language if you promise to keep your comments on-topic and not off-color, such as your reference to that poor student.

  • David on Middagh

    No deal!

  • Heather Quinlan

    Aw guys, thanks. That made my day :)

  • Dr. Allan

    Actually, ABE, I never used the phrase “impacted.” Shouldn’t you have checked before saying I did? And,as far as my loquaciousness in nominating Daniela Gioseffi, that comes with the facts that she has done so very much for me to write about, and she continues to do plenty of the above, even at age 70 with a heart condition. That is why she deserves nomination and recognition for so many years of service to the community. I can assure you that my nomination is just and correct. Yes, Claude Sales did mention Daniela here on the blog when her latest book came out. He seems, from my reading, to be a smart guy, well informed, educated, cultured, and sensitive, and one who would know that what I say is true, and well intended.

  • PS 8 parent

    Seth Phillips. How much has he done for this neighborhood? It’s incalcuable.

    And I’d second the nomination for Diane Ravitch, resident of Brooklyn Heights, whose recent book The Death and Life of the American School System details the incredible damage done to our schools, nationally and in New York City, by No Child Left Behind and by the corporate interests now profiting on the backs of our children.

  • sky

    I nominate Otis the Cat for bringing neighbors together!

  • Quinn Raymond

    How about Nate Silver, of fame?

  • Publius

    Does Nate live in the hood? I thought he was over in Park Slope/Windsor Terrace

  • Quinn Raymond

    I seem to remember him mentioning it somewhere in one of his posts…

  • Ft Greene

    He’s lived in Fort Greene for a few years now, but I nominate Bk Heights native, Lincoln Restler, for shaking up the Brooklyn Democratic machine in a big way this year.