Open Thread Wednesday 11/24/10

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  • stickler

    Just curious, does anybody know what happened to Junkersfeld? The guy used to post all the time and he’s been absent now for what seems like months.

  • bklyn20

    Whither Junkersfeld? I was thinking exactly that when I turned on the computer this morning.

  • Bongo

    I can’t believe no one has mentioned the destruction of one of the Height’s oldest features. This charming distraction has been a subject of many posts and comments on this, and other blogs for years. And yet it has been dismantled and removed without any referendum. I doubt that even the BHA were consulted.

    Goodbye, sidewalk construction zone outside the Citibank on Montague. You shall not be missed.

  • EHinBH

    Yeah – Fulton Mall is a great place to sit and have some Shake Shack…

    “On Fulton Street later that evening, two victims met up with a perp to try and exchange 12 pairs of Nike Jordans for cash. But the perp had other ideas, and he pulled a semi-automatic handgun on them…”

  • Heightser

    I went to the BH branch of the library yesterday at 4 with my kids. The children’s area looked like one of those Romanian orphanages covered on 20/20 years ago. The place is filled with unattended kids and babies and large groups of nannies sitting around eating and talking, and it smelled like dirty diapers.

    The place was a disgusting mess. I felt so sorry for those kids and the parents of those who kids who have no idea their kids are being neglected verging on abused. There were sleeping babies pushed into corners in their strollers with the care taker no where in site. There were crying babies strapped into their strollers being ignored or yelled at. There were nannies asleep in chairs or with their heads down on the tables. The older kids (2-4 year olds) were running around throwing books on the floor yelling. The budget cuts are so bad and the library is running with very little staff, but they are the ones left to deal with the mess at the end of the day. The whole scene is extremely disturbing. Someone should do a hidden camera spot on this and then post it. It was horrifying.

  • GHB
  • Claude Scales

    GHB: saw it first in the Post on-line last night:

  • Monty

    I’ve been to the kids section at the Cadman Plaza library a few times and while there are definitely some inattentive nannies, it’s usually pretty well kept and orderly. Story time is fun. What time were you there?

  • Christi

    I see the God awful blue lights are back again this season on Montague St. I find them rather ghostly and depressing..certainly not festive.

  • AEB

    Have a happy Thanksgiving, y’all! Looking forward to my holiday meal at…yes…Great Wall….

  • Montagueresident

    Yeah, what is the deal with blue lights??? It seems ridiculous. Whatever happened to white lights?

    Once again today those of us who drive to work at 6:30 AM have to wait for roughly 30 minutes to get up Pierpont because of access around garbage trucks being blocked by “handicapped” parking. Why can’t those people just park in designated handicapped areas on one end or the other of the block? If they are so handicapped they can’t walk from their BMWs to their front doors they should not be driving in the first place. Isn’t there anything that can be done about this?

  • Heightser

    Monty – I was there at 4. I have kids in school so we go late in the day. I’ve been around the nabe for a long time with my kids and have seen some pretty sad things with respect to nannies and their charges, but this was horrible. I guess it is part of the reason why I never went back to work after I had kids. There are plenty of wonderful, loving, attentive caregivers out there, but the bottom line is, you just never know what is happening when you’re not around. It was really sad.

  • Cranberry Beret

    If you lost a USB thumb drive on Cranberry Street earlier this week, post a gmail address etc. and I’ll contact you. Please describe the contents of the files so I know it’s yours.

  • Topham Beauclerk

    Cheerful news: I read that a young man who lives in the Heights, on College Place, was awarded a Rhodes scholarship.Congratulations to him and his parents.

  • Tony

    The building on the NW corner of Hicks and Joralemon – painted gray, no cornice – has chimes in its backyard. It was very windy last night and these annoying tubular bells were clanging away insipidly all night. I left a note in the building’s vestibule a while ago asking nicely that they be taken down, to no avail. If you live in this building, please think of your neighbors and take the chimes down. What seems soothing and musical to some is just grating to others.

  • Cranberry Beret

    They probably bought those chimes at Variety Mart.

  • Andrew Porter

    Someone put up chimes on one of the balconies of the building on Columbia Heights next to the Clark St. entrance to the Promenade, and they apparently had the same effect on people who lived within earshot. They were taken down a coupla years ago.

    Yeah, what happened to Junkersfield? No posts in a while.

    A friend of mine who lives in BH is a children’s librarian at the Bay Ridge branch, and she complains that people treat her branch as a free baby-sitting service. The bathrooms are also likely horrible. The good news is that with the new round of city cutbacks, the BPL isn’t going to be open as much as it is now, so people will be forced to find somewhere else to inconsiderately park their brats.

  • Clarky

    Yes where is Junkersfeld?

  • daveinbedstuy

    Testing 1-2-3.

  • daveinbedstuy

    Are the blue lights to commemorate other denominational holidays?????

  • David G

    the blue lights are to save energy. I think they are led’s, rather than regular light bulbs.

  • Jorale-man

    Junkersfeld had a shining moment when he blue the whistle on the parking shenanigans on Henry Street earlier this summer. Was it his Custer’s Last Stand?

    Another random question: anyone know how long the subway stairway at Court & Joralemon is slated to be closed? That entrance has become a real bottleneck lately and that’s not the most pleasant place to begin with.

  • Josh G

    Speaking of closed things.. for how long will the Clark St Promenade entrance be roped off? Asked a different way, how long until the MTA makes the sinkhole a new 2/3 station?

  • Arch Stanton

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone. Try not to burn your house down…

  • nabeguy

    dibs, you know what happened to Junkersfeld, right?

  • Y

    JunkerSfeld got promoted to be a count?

    Thought I saw him the other day at cranberries.

  • Andrew Porter

    Happy Thanksgiving from Greenpoint:

  • daveinbedstuy

    no, nabeguy, I don’t.

  • BigDave

    Why do you have to go down Pierpont???