The Fiiiiiber Coming to Hicks Street

BHB newshound “Lou” writes in with this observation and some photos:

“Verizon is about to pull a 144 strand fiber cable down hicks street … Looks like Fios is imminent.”

Click photo for larger view

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  • Chris

    Darn well about time. I’ve heard that FIOS is available at the BE Schermerhorn and some of the other Condos in Dwtn Brooklyn

  • David G

    Well worth it. I will never go back to TWC. WE have it on Monroe Place. It’s great.

  • Cranberry Beret

    I’ve heard lots about how fios is better for internet compared to cable, but how does the tv service compare? Channel selection, HD quality, DVR usability etc? Do they have a better solution for moving recorded shows from tv to tv? I’m sick of paying TWC multiple DVR fees and having to remember which tv has which show on it.

  • Claude Scales

    One downside in respect to channel selection, at least the last I heard, is that you lose NY1.

  • PJL

    Missed NY1 for a while, but don’t miss terrible TWC Service. Love FIOS (and you can watch dvr on any tv). Good quality and channel selection is great.

  • LS

    I WANT!!!

  • Teddy

    Is it near State Street?

  • carl

    The fios cable has already been installed on Columbia Heights, BUT IT IS NOT CONNECTED! So, installing it means very little. Still waiting…..

  • Josh G

    Please bring FiOS to Clark St too! I am jealous of David G. Who really needs NY1 anyway – it is not worth the premium cost and rickety service that TWC provides. I will dump TWC the first chance I get.

  • Marcia Kamien

    I was terribly disappointed to learn that there is no Fios on Hicks Street, as I am hating Time-Warner and find I am their prisoner.
    I hope the fiber optic whatevers come all the way down to Hicks and Atlantic and we finally get a choice.

  • Andrew

    Picture quality on FIOS is noticeably better than TWC — using the same TiVo and television, the signal on FIOS looks clearer, crisper and cleaner.