Open Thread Wednesday 4/16/08

What’s on your mind this week? Comment away!

And how about these headlines from around the web:

The Fiiiiiiiiiiiibbbbbbbbbbbbeeerr is coming to Brooklyn Heights [PR Newswire]

Modern Bike Shelter May Come to Brooklyn Heights [Brooklyn Eagle]

Scales Talks Titanic [Self-Absorbed Boomer]

BHB Photo Club pic by esabet via Flickr

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  • HDEB

    Though the “modern” bike shelter looks cool I think the money could be better served elsewhere.
    Designated bike lanes separate from traffic like the one on 9th ave in Manhattan are amazing.
    The fact that bicycles are being taken into account during city planning is great.

  • Sal Minella

    re: ‘The Fiiiibbbbbeeeerrrr is coming to Brooklyn Heights”

    Yabba Dabba Doo! Waiting for the market to open so I can sell all the TW and switch to Verizon.
    At last, a blow to the arrogance born of monopoly.
    Up the revolution!

  • AliG

    Has anyone seen the Bubble Brothers (aka Goggle Twins) together lately? Over the past month I’ve seen just one of them several times by himself. I hope the other one is ok.

  • T.K. Small

    This week I saw something somewhat bizarre. The heavyset woman who walks dogs in the neighborhood was doing so while slowly rolling up Pierrepont street on her scooter. I only saw her do this for 20 or 30 feet, but quickly cars were accumulating behind her. I come from a cat loving family so I am not sure whether this would be considered good practice.

  • sue

    Just watched a huge roof fire on Pierrepont street between clinton and henry be put out — now there are about 20 firemen on the roof.

  • nabeguy

    Interesting follow-up story from Claude. IMHO, the main riveting problem with the Titanic was with the lookout’s eyes, which should have been riveted to the horizon.

  • antlerjay

    Things we need:
    Public benches here and there on sidewalks
    A retired tugboat made into a restaurant, moored at one of the piers somewhere between Brooklyn Bridge and Red Hook
    A tour boat company that embarks from Brooklyn and gives history and nature tours of the bay and the waterfront for familes and school groups.
    A Brooklyn-Governors Island ferry

  • epc

    The fire on Pierrepoint appeared to be around 190-192 Pierrepont. Seemed to be mostly the top floor, could see through the roof. I posted pictures: and

  • bornhere

    Antlerj — Interesting ideas. There used to be a fairly good restaurant in Sheepshead Bay called The Barge, and until it burned down, it made for a very nice (Italian/seafood) dining experience. Something similar on our waterfront could be nifty (assuming it wouldn’t copy River Cafe in style or price).
    I’m not sure about the benches idea; where do you think they might work?
    Absolutely love the idea of any ferries from lower Brooklyn going anywhere.

  • Teddy

    It would be great to get FiOS here. Their picture quality is better than the crap we often get with “Crime-Warner” on their HD/digital channels. I would also appreciate the faster internet speeds. I have relatives in Europe who get download speeds which blow mine away. I just wonder if my landlord will allow Verizon to wire the building with fiber optic cable. He allowed TW to wire it with coaxial cable a few years ago (before that, we had the cable drop into the backyard from a hole in the wall).

  • danno

    Verizon announced just today that they had made their formal proposal for FiOS to the city franchise board, four days after the board’s RFP was published. A press release listed all the neighborhoods that were wired as of March 2008 — and Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill, and Downtown were all on the list.

    Verizon says it hopes to have the go-ahead for FiOS by the end of the year, and is promising fiber to every door in the city by the end of 2014.

  • antlerjay

    Hello bornhere — Benches could be set in lots of places on Montague or Court. (Think of the lovely one in front of BookCourt) As long as they don’t obstruct building access or hamper firemen or any other traffic, I think they would be a great addition to street atmosphere. When things and people are going by you instead of coming at you, it puts you in a different head. I think the variety makes for a livelier market street and lively is what you go to your market street for. It would be good for business.
    As for the tugboat restaurant – I am sure there is an inventive restauranteur in Brooklyn who could make the most of the location’s personality. Of course there’s the skyline at twilight, but also — Imagine going down to the waterfront for breakfast on a misty morning.
    And as for more ferries from Brooklyn – Why not have ferries that make day trips to the shore in the summertime for families?

  • bhbabe

    To my neighbors at 106 Pierrepont Street: Have you noticed odd, unusual wear and scraping on your steps? I know the cause… yesterday, I was walking by around 3pm and saw 3 teens in St Ann’s shirts taking turns carrying their skateboards 1/2way up your front stairs and skateboarding down to the sidewalk! I’m sure they go just far enough away from school so the security guard can’t bother them, but boy will the parents sue your homeowner’s insurance when one of their little darlings gets broken doing these stunts….

  • Screech

    @BHBABE: In the vernacular of fark users THAT STORY IS NOTHING WITHOUT PICTURES.

  • sh

    Am I the only one who’s bummed about this:

    Resumption of East River commuter service will be delayed due to construction set-backs in the City’s installation of the new Williamsburg dock. New York Water Taxi will begin a limited service on June 2nd 2008 if the docking facility is further delayed.

    The water taxi is the best thing about working in midtown. I’ve been counting the months since they shut down service for the winter. Now we have to wait another month? What a shame.

  • Andrew

    If the neighborhood is wired with fiber, does anyone in BH actually get FIOS internet service yet? While waiting for the TV franchise is fine, I’d be thrilled to be able to get fiber internet service now.

  • thepeachtree

    Oh my, what a gorgeous shot! I just love Brooklyn in the springtime.

  • Loving Brooklyn

    I walked by that tree last night. The blossoms are so big. Pierrepont is also in bloom!