Open Thread Wednesday 11/3/10

BHB photo club pic by tim schreier

What’s on your mind? Comment away!

Note: I’ve deviated from the usual Brooklyn Heights photo to pay homage to one of my favorite places in Brooklyn – the doomed Shoot the Freak attraction at Coney Island.  My old pal and great urban photographer Tim Schreier took the photo.

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  • Homer Fink

    Testing…. 1,2, 3

  • since47

    Almost Noon and there’s nothing to say on OT Wednesday? Is everyone spent from voting?

    Okay – to start it off, how about the BHA doing something about additional garbage pick-ups? With the opening of the park and the explosion of tourists in the neighborhood, the cans are already filled by Thursday. At 10:00 one Friday morning, the can at the corner of Hicks and Joralemon was overflowing, with garbage scattered around it. When I passed the same can around 1:00 PM, someone had evidently decided enough was enough, because the can was pretty much emptied, and next to it were two large, white garbage bags. Was no thought given to the amount of garbage all the additional foot traffic would generate? The winter months may slow the accumulations in the cans, but during this time some plan should be put in place for the next wave, which will undoubtedly be much larger.

  • lise

    Just took a lovely walk, shattered by people on their cell phones. Why do so many people need to be in constant communication with others. Enjoy the weather and your surroundings. This is such a lovely area.
    (Note to parents: are you aware that the women who are taking care of your children are always on their cellphones and NOT paying attention to your children.)

  • Montagueresident

    I’d like to second Lise’s comment about nanny’s ALWAYS talking on cell phones when supposedly attending young children. I often wonder in raw weather–does this child’s parents know they are being strolled out in this kind of weather–and not being truly watched?

    Also–again–is there ANY way to regulate the handicapped parking so that it is not anywhere a person wants to park? Once agian this morning I waited a whole block to get around hardworking garbage men because of the huge number of cars parked on the opposite side ot the street from regular parking. I am just amazed at how many handicapped people live in one block of Pierpont!

  • GHB

    since47… I agree we need more garbage cans. The one at Columbia Hts at the Clark Street entrance disappeared ages ago. Maybe it was swallowed by that sinkhole that’s been there all summer…

  • Kim G

    In agreement with the cell phone comment but it’s not always the child care providers. Many parents are too consumed with their own “lives” that their children are not as important as their phones. While doing some online shopping for kids gear I found a device designed to make the multi tasking parents life easier…it’s a phone caddy which you attach to the stroller allowing the parent to keep both hands on the stroller while paying full attention to their phones. Great…just what busy city streets need. Cabs, cyclist and now over sized strollers being wheeled by distracted parents.

    Proud mom of three who respectfully pulls the stroller over before dialing

  • Kim G

    I may be dating myself but does anyone remember being taught to walk on the right and not to wander down the middle disrupting the pedestrian flow?

  • Arch Stanton

    Not to mention the idiots that wander into the street against the light whilst yacking away on the phone.

  • Arch Stanton

    @ Homer,

    Yup I’ll miss Shoot the Freak too. Not that I ever played or wanted to for that matter. I just loved to listen to the hard sales pitch and watch the guys who worked there. They always seemed to be having fun.

  • nabeguy

    Got to say, I’ll miss Ruby’s but Shoot the Freak was not exactly an advertisement for the development of humanity.

  • lori

    Regarding additional garbage pickups – I spoke to Officer Murphy, our regular Sanitation supervisor about this. He said that the city has cut down the number of pickups from the public cans from everyday to three times a week. He encourages people to call 311 to report this situation – not that it will really help (budget cuts)

  • Jorale-man

    I feel sad for people who can’t walk down a street without a phone glued to their ear. But as long as they keep their voices at a reasonable level, I can live with it.

    Something that is Heights-specific to this: I’ve noticed our sidewalks are fairly narrow here, as opposed to some Manhattan neighborhoods. It means more than ever that people have to mind their manners, walk on the right side of the sidewalk and pay attention to their surroundings.

  • Paul

    Why is everyone in BH so angry all the time? There is always a complaint about something.

    Why cant people here smile and enjoy the neighborhood for at least a day or two.

    I know its a lot to ask…

  • BigDave

    Beautiful Autumn —
    Gold leaves rustle in silence
    to angry bloggers.

  • Vanessa

    Might the owner of the 2 newfie dogs read this blog? I think they live on Garden Place? We are looking to get a newfie next year and want to have them over for a play date. (read: let’s try to fit a newfie + 2 adults in our apartment!) Email me:

  • Kim G

    @ Paul…I am extremely happy and easy going usually getting odd looks because I walk down the street smiling. Always stressed but rarely angry. Unless I’m really stupid I don’t see very much anger here. Isn’t there a difference between discussing and complaining?

    @ BigDave…very funny!

  • Joe2: The Joe-ening

    @Paul: People in the hood generally do have sunny dispositions, at least for what I’ve seen. But this is the internet, albeit a relatively peaceful nook off to the corner of the internet. The fact that the complaints are about cellphone walkers and the width of sidewalks and not, you know, gang violence, is telling. And awesome.

  • Anonymous

    My god, why do people have something to say about stroller parents all the time? Why the hate? Maybe it’s the ONLY time you can make a call without being pestered? Anyone thought of that? Maybe that’s the only moment you get when you can speak to someone without screaming and squealing interrupting your call? Maybe, even though you love taking care of your child, sometimes you need a moment of sanity which consists of talking to an adult? ON THE PHONE? Trust me, we are watching our children even when we GASP! dare to spend a minute or two “attending to our own lives”.

  • Arch Stanton

    @ Anonymous,

    You want to know why? Because of the”stroller parent” who was in Key Food the other day, pushing her doublewide stroller down the isle while chatting away on the phone. The one who looked at me annoyed because I wanted to do the unthinkable and get by with my shopping cart. The one who didn’t even say “Thanks” when I backed up out of the isle (gentleman I am, even to idiots). Her and the thousands like her, thats why. FYI, It is not “hate” it is offense taken at the lack of commonsense etiquette that seems ubiquitous with anyone under 35 these days. What’s really sad is you do not even understand how such self absorbed behavior is considered rude by others.

  • Paul

    I get it. I see all kinds of people in the heights but on this blog I mostly see complaints and angry comments. I guess its easier for people to hide behind their computers and lash out.

  • nabeguy

    @Paul, would you prefer that we get out from under out laptops and rant in the middle of the street? I’d be smiling a lot less if I didn’t have the cathartic outlet that this blog provides.

  • bklyn20

    Last night I heard from a friend that either this past Tuesday (11/2) or Wednesday (11/3) a nanny was mugged on Sidney Place. My friend was specific re: the date and the circumstances — I’m the one with the temporary memory disorder.

    What I do remember is that my friend came upon the scene just after the police arrived, about 11:00 am. The crook had pulled off the nanny’s handbag with all the credit cards, wallet, etc., inside.
    The nanny could not give chase as she was holding the stroller with the baby in it. I hope she gets a big bonus this holiday season!

    This was at the St Charles Borromeo steps, on the corner of Sidney & Aitken Place. Aitken has always been an unsafe little street for generally safe Brooklyn Heights, but 11:00 am muggings of people with small children are especially egregious. Maybe this street’s safety record will improve once the school goes into the old St Charles Parochial school space; I think the school is related to the Montessori on Bergen & Court in Cobble Hill. Does anyone know when or if this will actually happen?

    Heather and Homer — is this sort of thing in the police blotter that you see every week? If it isn’t, it should be. We are very lucky to live in bucolic Brooklyn Heights, but …this stinks.

  • Eddy de Lectron

    Yeah what happened to the blotter this week? I was hoping fro some details on the Radio Shack robbery last week…

  • Homer Fink

    Heather’s sock draw beckoned.

  • AEB

    Should the posters here spend the cyber-ink on pleasantries about BH weather? Life is friction–admittedly some more interesting than other kinds.

    What’s really annoying, in my opinion, is not complaint but the sentimentality of those who want people to affirm their own…sentimentality.

  • roccos

    Talking or texting while walking disrupts the normal flow of human beings keeping 6″ apart from one another. Watching the flow of humans from above its amazing they don’t bump into each other more often but this radar thing keeps people from contact. I occasionally text on my way out of the subway and believe me, it disrupts this normal flow.

  • Andrew Porter

    I performed an act of civil disobedience this week, by walking up the Clark Street Walk from the Promenade—the sawhorse did not block the entrance—and then stepping over the fence at the end onto Columbia Heights. I was immediately tackled by cops from the 84th Pre…. Oh, sorry. Nothing happened. What’s with the hole in the Walk, and why no action of fixing it? And especially, what’s with the sidewalk shed over the walkway?

  • bklyn20

    I am not sure if this is related to the Clark Street entrance blockade…obstacle course, but the Parks Department is revamping the park (yes it’s an actual PARK!) on the south side of the entrance. If memory serves, this overgrown little area was the site of Fort Stirling, an important location in the Revolutionary War. There is a plaque there with the details.

    Some of this land is owned by the buidling on the south side of the entrance, but most of it is owned by Parks. They are planning to clean it up and add indigenous plantings and the like.

  • bklyn20

    Not awake yet — make that the NORTH side of the entrance.

  • otw

    @nabe and aeb, people in the neighborhood say negative things about this blog partly because of your need to use it for personal rants and to say mean things that you find funny and intelligent…but they’re not.