Good Morning Cranberry’s

BHB Photo Club pic by amysahba, part of the every morn and eve project

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  • Meisee

    I love Cranberry’s, it’s the next best thing to home-made baked goodies. This pic must have been taken really early (before the morning crowd buys everything up)!

  • thepeachtree

    Mmmm, donuts :)

  • anon

    What people? Two customers make the place look busy. They must keep the place well stocked though because those shelves are just as full when I come by at lunch time. To be honest though I\’d rather make the trip to Tazza for pasteries and coffee. Far superior. IMHO

    BTW: Tazza is opening a second location where Mike\’s Kosher used to be.

  • Zeekers

    I love cranberry’s too, more specifically the coffee and APPLE WALNUT muffins!
    But the lines do get way too long…

  • amy

    i walk by this bakery every day on my way to the subway, and i often give in to the temptation to grab a coffee and a mini-muffin. it is wonderful – the best bakery in the neighborhood if you ask me!