Church Organist Wants to be Elton

Saturday night's all right for fightin' but Wednesday afternoon is just fine for playing Elton at St. Ann's: 

NY Daily News: Each Wednesday at lunchtime, Gregory Eaton sits down to an old pipe organ and taps out what could be described as anything but church music.

The organ, an E.M. Skinner pipe organ built in 1925, is more accustomed to angelic chamber music than what Eaton plays at his concerts at St. Ann's Church in Brooklyn Heights: a mix of ragtime, classical and, maybe, Elton John.

"It's difficult to pull off on the organ, but, honestly, years ago I played Elton John's 'Funeral for a Friend,' " said Eaton, St. Ann's musical director since 1993.

Last week, Eaton went back to typical church hymns in acknowledgment of Easter – but songs by the writer of hits like "The Bitch is Back" may be coming to a pew near you.

"You never know," continued Eaton of the prospect of performing Elton for the crowd of church attendees, lunchtime wanderers and organ buffs who regularly flock to his concerts each week. "I will never say never."

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