30 Rock Films on Joralemon

Instaputz tells us that NBC's 30 Rock starring Tina Fey was filming this morning on Joralemon Street. Anyone get a photo?

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  • Michael

    As I do every morning, I walked up the length of Joralemon, from Columbia Place to Court, right around 9:30am, and I didn’t see a thing—much less Tina Fey.

  • elvisIII

    Keep walking next time. It looked like they were in Borough hall. Saw crews, but no stars this morning.

  • Steve

    I am almost certain I saw Maulik Pancholy, who plays Jonathan (Alec Baldwin’s character’s assitant). He was talking to some other guy right in front of Starbucks on Joralemon. I wouldn’t have even realized it was him, if it weren’t for knowing they were filming in the area.

  • John

    Well, I saw some trailers that said Congressman 1, Congressman 2, etc.. but I didnt see any trailers for the stars let alone any of the stars. I was there around the time they were and I saw nothing going on!

  • clarknt67

    Maulik Pancholy is a neighbor and friend, he lives about 2 blocks from that Starbucks, I see him all the time on the street walking his dog. So that may not be any evidence they were filming there!

  • Brandon

    Alec Baldwin and Matthew Broderick were there.

  • village idiot

    OMG! They opened the door to a trailer just as I was walking by and I saw somebody’s leg… it could have been Broderick, or Baldwin, or… OMG!! I am sure it was a celebrity!

  • Sal Minella

    “Sarcasim is the refuge of an idiot”

  • bongo

    misspellings are the refuge of the dictionaryless

  • Sal Minella

    OMG! Thank you so much for pontng that out…..