Airshow Over Statue of Liberty Tomorrow

This in from Notify NYC:

Notification issued 10/21/10 at 3:00 PM. U.S. military aircrafts [sic] are scheduled to perform three separate flyovers near the Statue of Liberty on October 22nd at 11AM, 1PM and 2PM. You may see low flying military aircraft in the area.

There’s no indication of the occasion for this, although Brazilian aircraft did similar flyovers in August as a “photo opportunity” . The flyovers should be visible from the Promenade or Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Update: Notify NYC now says the flyovers have been cancelled.

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  • nabeguy

    As long as they avoid the bike lanes, they should be safe.

  • Jorale-man

    Sweet, a little Tom Cruise Top Gun re-enactment no doubt.

  • AEB

    Just notified via Notify NYC that the flyovers have been canceled. No reason is given.