What Would You Do with Magnetic Field?


You don't have to be a "genius" to know that the BHB Community is quite opinionated.  So why don't we throw that firehose of reason and passion on an issue we're all concerned about — what's going to happen to the space currently known as Magnetic Field at 97 Atlantic Avenue.  We know that the bar is for sale and there's a juicy 7 year lease attached to it.  Ok smarty pants, what would you do with that space?

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  • yo

    i inquired about buying the place (i would keep it open as is) but never got a call back….

  • http://instaputz.blogspot.com ts

    Starbucks. I’m pretty sure a third Starbucks would do wonders for home values.

    Either that or a ping-pong parlor. That would be awesome.

  • Charlie Sahadi

    Too bad there’s no kitchen inside…. a taco stand would be pretty awesome.

  • BHgirl


  • travy

    ditto, bhgirl…

  • Andrew

    I’d keep it going the exact way that it’s been run.

  • yo

    another Oven!

  • elvisIII


  • anon

    The lease has already been signed. Tim Horton’s a Canadian Coffee Franchise will be opening there this fall.

  • http://instaputz.blogspot.com ts

    dear god, let that be a lie.

  • anon

    Sorry it’s the truth. Have you thought T.S. and all those in mourning about chains moving in to the Heights that you are in the minority? That perhaps you do not represent the desires of the general population? Maybe it’s time to move somewhere else?

  • CJP

    What the neighborhood needs is an upscale gentleman’s club.

  • Homer Fink

    Anon – Nice try, but no Tim Horton’s.

  • King Solomon

    How about a little something for everybody – a combination Starbucks / Dwayne Reade / Chase Bank / Methodone Clinic by day with a “secret” subterranean speakeasy serving soigne’ cocktails by night?

  • Tim Horton

    You will soon find that my donuts are fantastic, eh.

    CJP, I thought about putting one in, sort of along the lines of what I saw when I played the Habs on road trips, but the space isn’t big enough, and I’m pretty focused on providing maple glazed donuts to the populace.

  • Gil Perreualt

    Wow, Tim–

    We’ve been trying to contact you through a regular monthly seance since your untimely death 30 years ago, and you come back to us through a Real Estate blog?

    Oh, wait — the Habs?


  • Chris

    Just give us another bar please. Another Zombie Hut would be awesome. Get them to open up another.

  • julee

    So it is or isnt a new coffee house? My vote is always for something taco related.

  • The Internets

    We need another Urban Outfitters so that more St. George kids could look like crack whores at 200 times the price.

  • Eric

    Wings. Someplace that serves delicious hot wings and has a huge beer selection. Huge. Open it. NOW!

  • Andrew Porter

    The place still has the liquor license for it, so another alcohol-serving usage seems very likely.

    I looked at Urban Outfitters the other day and thought, Middle Eastern area… UO probably thought it meant Middle Western, so the store’s placement is really logical. Or maybe not…

  • Tim Horton

    Gil — I played against the Canadiens on many road trips, at the old Forum. Habs is shorter to type, and I don’t have to worry about putting in that “e.”

    Drive safe, kids!

  • anon

    I am rooting for an asian massage parlor.

  • http://adventuresinbrooklyn.blogspot.com jonah

    i’ll miss that placeaaaaaasdcresdedscfghyftdxiu9rtklkdsaytar

    and given that my bedroom window is directly above the door to magnetic field, i would definitely prefer an establishment that closes quite a bit earlier than 4 am.

  • bedroom window diagonal the door to magnetic field

    I’m with Johah… great bar, but it will be nice to get some sleep if something other than a bar went in.