What Happens After Spitzer?

According to The New York Times, Governor Eliot Spitzer has admitted to having been a client of the elite prostitution ring "Emperors Club VIP," which is under investigation by the U.S. Attorney in Manhattan.   Should Spitzer resign or be forced to stand down, his replacement would be the incumbent Lieutenant Governor, David Paterson, also of New York City.  It's not clear what effect this may have on Brooklyn Heights issues such as Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Discussion of the state wide implications of the Spitzer mess over at nabe blog Instaputz  

Excerpts from Spitzer's statement this afternoon on Times City Room blog.

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  • anon

    You don’t know what effect it will have on brooklyn bridge park? well i will tell you, it will be toast, the whole thing.
    and good riddance to it. just open up the parking lot down there to us peasants and make us happy. ny state treats us like peasants doesn’t it? here we are frantic for parking and there it is: acres of unused parking lot visible but unusable by us. this must be a little of what it must be like to live in north korea or cuba.
    liberate the parking lot at the docks!!!!!
    let the people use the lot!!!!

  • CJP

    I like this guy anon! Second post in as many days where I’ve agreed with him. Why not open up that lot for parking, at owner’s risk etc, until construction really begins?

  • anon

    the “spitzer pimps in the neighborhood” postings must be really juicy because access is denied when i try to log on.
    So who patronizes emperor’s club vip in the heights? i hope it is mostly folks on garden place. Ha!