Atlantic Antic 2010

Despite occasional sprinkles, today’s Atlantic Antic drew lots of people to eat, shop, and be entertained. Belly dancers performed on a stage, sponsored by the Brooklyn Community Foundation, between Clinton and Henry streets. (More photos, video, and text after the jump.)

BHB photo by C. Scales

Sahadi’s Sidewalk Cafe was doing good business.

BHB photo by C. Scales

So was the Chip Shop’s, though we’re perplexed by their choice of the Confederate battle flag as a menu background.

BHB photo by C. Scales

There was a great variety of foods on offer, including some of uncertain origin.

The band Arms performed on the stage sponsored by Roebling Inn and Sixpoint Craft Ales, between Henry and Hicks streets.

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  • Teddy

    About the Confederate flag at the Chip Shop, the Brits were sympathetic to the Confederacy during the Civil War.

  • alanna

    had such a blast at Atlantic FRANTIC (seriously at one point couldn’t move with the crowds) tasting the birch beer and arepas, grilled corn, lobster rolls, cannolli’s and so forth. My waistline isn’t so psyched but my belly was. A good time was had!

  • Joe

    We had a blast as well. Walked all the way to the end and turned back. Even better than last year which I attribute to the very good lobster rolls and the beer that was a little less vigilantly policed this year. The Arepas vendor on the corner of Court was doing gangbusters and had one of the longest line I’ve seen.

  • A. Bklyn

    Grilled Sardines and Sangria a the Spanish restaurant stall by Henry (La Mancha I think) were amazing.

  • Mona Bregman

    Ever year I am saddened that I can’t join in the joy that is the Antic. I have some mobility problems. I know that it would be much easier or me if I could park my car close to near Atlantic Ave so that I would have less walking to do to before I got to the Antic.

  • ujh

    Toward the end of the afternoon, I came across an amazing sight near Fourth Avenue where Michael Jackson videos were shown on a monitor and several boys of about 4 or 5 years of age were “performing.” Among them was a 4-year old who had memorized an astounding range of dance steps and hand and arm motions and, while mouthing the lyrics, danced with utter body control. It was worthy of a stage performance. He would occasionally glance back toward his father as if to seek approval but seemed oblivious to the almost desperate attempts of the other boys to garner some of the attention lavished on this lovely little boy by the mesmerized audience. I’m glad I went the entire distance to witness this unexpected scenel

  • TK Small

    Is there a listing anywhere of the bands that performed at the antic? There was another great act on the north side, also down near 4th Avenue. It was sort of a combination rap/funk/rock group with a horn section. I would like to get their name.