Judi Francis Hearts Obama

Brooklyn Heights resident/Brooklyn Bridge Park Defense Fund president Judi "Obama Girl's Got Nuthin' On Me" Francis comes out strong for Barack Obama in Crain's NY Business: 

Crain's NY Business: Families Feud…: The polar opposite might be Brooklyn Heights resident Judi Francis, a white woman of Mrs. Clinton's generation. But she's an Obama enthusiast and considers Mrs. Clinton a flip-flopping sellout.Her friends, glass-ceiling fighters from the 1960s and '70s, won't hear it. “Every woman I've spoken with who supports Hillary in New York City is doing it out of loyalty to the sisterhood,” she says. “They are surprised that I wouldn't.” 

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  • nicky215

    I am an officer of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Defense Fund and I strongly support Hillary. The Defense fund has no offical position on the Presidency and in this instance my friend Judi speaks for herself. I support Hillary because she is the best of the three for the Presidency of the United States period.

  • Gen X

    “Clinton and her surrogates are fulfilling a Republican double fantasy: labeling white Obama supporters as effete snobs and rendering black voters invisible altogether.” — New York Magazine. Dead on.

    All the talk about qualifications can be settled by asking which of the three had the courage to go against the prevailing winds to vote against the war? Clinton was more afraid of her career being hurt by voting against a successful war (a la Sam Nunn in 1990) than voting for a disaster. As “liberal” as her instincts may be, she shouldn’t even be in the Senate for that vote. Schumer, neither. I wonder why more feminists aren’t embarassed to support someone who so blatantly plays the victim card and who claims credit for experience she doesn’t have and accomplishments she didn’t earn. Check out the stories coming out on her role in Northern Ireland. The 3 a.m. call she gets will be entirely a function of bad decisions she makes at other times because she’s cynical and inept.

    I will give her credit as a uniter — she can unite the Republican party behind apostate McCain. Why else does Rush Limbaugh want her to win the nomination. Anyway, she’s already lost it in terms of delegates and the popular vote. The issue is whether she’s willing to destroy Obama in pursuit of some sort of pyrrhic victory. The fact that she evidently is so willing — even though she won’t be successful at it — tells me at any rate that she can not be trusted with executive powers.

  • anon

    the clintons are a national nightmare, let’s wake up and elect obama. i can sleep easier knowing bubba is not in the white house with time on his hands.

  • anon1

    Obama is not a uniter either. I know plenty of democrats who rather vote for McCain than for Obama.

  • g-gal

    Great video. Great of Judi Francis to pose for it, too. Can I have her shoes?
    Go Obama!