NYTimes Digs into Tunnel Issue

(edited by Qfwfq) The N.Y. Times catches on to the BQE tunnel idea, speaks with  vocal local yokel and Judi Francis‘ beau Roy Sloane:

A fourth tunnel idea that would skip Brooklyn Heights entirely has been put forward by a local graphic designer, Roy Sloane. He would bore an almost three-mile tube straight under the heart of Brooklyn, from the Brooklyn Navy Yard, below the streets of Fort Greene, Boerum Hill and Park Slope, to emerge at a spot near the southern end of Red Hook. Mr. Sloane presented the idea to state transportation officials at one of the brainstorming sessions they have scheduled every month for residents.

“Why not think big?” Mr. Sloane said. “Engineers tell me that the most elegant solution to any problem is a straight line.”

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  • Demonter

    “We were saying do the tunnel and get rid of the B.Q.E. totally,” Ms. McGroarty said.

    Simply said…well said. Less noise and air pollution.

  • Mike

    lots of great real estate

  • bklyn20

    Roy Sloane has been a president or officer of the Cobble HIll Association for decades. He was, I believe, on the original committee/LDC to create Brooklyn Bridge Park in the 1980s, and helped rally the troops when the Marty Connor-led secret legislation for housing in the park was passed in December 2004.
    He is also a long-time member of Community Board 6. All of this is unpaid volunteeer work on top of his business.

    Mr. Sloane would probably be tickled to be considered Judi Francis’ himbo, but they have been married for several years.

  • Paco

    Considering this is about the idea of Cobble Hill Association president Roy Sloane, how is this post not also on the cobblehill.com blog?

  • Hortense

    Let’s stop talking and start digging – I lke the idea of the direct route. Anything is good other than what we have today. Let’s reconnect redhook to cobble hill and tear down the infrastructure below the promenade, but keep the promenade of course. Would also help selling out One Brooklyn Bridge on the Brooklyn Heights side. Should be doing this as an infrastructure project during this recession.