Squibb Playground in Lively Use

BHB photo by C. Scales

Long deserted, Squibb Playground was alive with frolicking kids (from PS 8?) this morning. No skateboard pipe yet.

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  • bklyn20

    I forgot to ask — what is the BHB position on the Rex (wavy-haired non-allergenic) and hairless (Sphinx) breeds of cats? Is there a breedist angle to to this? Do Sphinxes — Sphinxii? — have a gerater propensity to crime since, being hairless, they leave little in the way of DNA evidence? Is that why their kind never appears in the Police Blotter?

  • nabeguy

    Humans (yes, I’m talking to you) please don’t let this discussion over Fluffy deteriorate from the construed to the downright rude. Claude never mentioned anything about long-har cats specifically, just the name Fluffy. Yet, now we have people questioning the criminal propensities of them. And, please, don’t get me started on those Sphinx cats…they look like they went through a carwash of Nair. Can’t we all just live together? Oh wait, I’m a cat, so I have to ignore you. Consider this post a scratching one.
    Manny, the Mainecoon

  • TS McGee

    @nabeguy : Extreme humor.. FAIL !

  • Reggie

    Leaving aside the whole fairness issue, I have since learned that Squibb is open to the public 3-6pm on weekdays and all day Saturday and Sunday. And, as pointed out, the arrangement with PS8 is only while the school yard is unavailable due to construction of the annex.

    As for Fluffy, all I can say is, so many cats, so few good recipes.

  • No One of Consequence

    This thread is a prime example of why I find it hard to visit this blog anymore.

    bklyn20 covered it all very well on 24. Sep, 2010 at 7:17 pm.

    Be back to see what you’re all trifling over in another month or so.

  • One of Consequence

    No One of Consequence, please do not abandon us for an entire month.

  • my2cents

    Since when did public school kids having priority in a publicly-owned playground become a problem?

    It’s not like someone wants to build a mosque there..Well, maybe fluffy does.

  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com Claude Scales

    Actually, Fluffy wants to build a temple to Bastet.

  • nabeguy

    Claude, maybe a deity from somewhere other than a mid-East country might have been more appropriate…let’s not get Fluffy involved in that particular crisis.

  • bklyn20

    Thanks, NOOC.

  • nabeguy

    TS, nice way to hold a grudge. But I think I’m a bit more clever than this:

    For all concerned,
    I saw OTIS and he asked me to post this for him:

    ” First off.. I’m fine. I would like to apologize to my mom (Bootsy Papadopulos) and dad (Rusty Chan). With this economy, I’ve been forced to start dealing rock. I can barely get myself a can of Fancy Feast let alone pay my rent. I ran into a “client” the other night and he refused to pay me. It’s tough trying to collect from humans. They’re so much bigger and stronger than me. I tried hissing and batting my paw at him but he wouldn’t give up the cash. I don’t like to carry a gat, but I find it’s the only way I can get paid. Anyway, long story short, I’m on the lamb. Please don’t try to find me. I made my bed, Now I must sleep in it.


    What’s with the gangsta’ feline?. Oh, I get it. P Kitty.

  • TS McGee

    We all strive to be as clever as NABEGUY.

  • TS McGee

    I thought this was about the Skate Park though?