Rest Well Dick Swizzle, We Hardly Knew Ye

photo1.jpgThe final Dick Swizzle Sudden Death Game Show at Magnetic Field Friday night (3/7) was the well attended bacchanal its irreverent host promised.  Even though Fink, Qfwfq, Scales and Instaputz didn't get close to winning the final game, crowd favorite Rishi took home the championship cash. And while Swizzle and Co. promise to resurface somewhere else this year, there wasn't a dry eye in the house (even the chair!) when Swizzle sang his signature sign off "I Am I Said" for the last time at MF. We took some photos last night.  Feel free to share you photos of the show in the BHB Photo Club on Flickr.



And what better tribute but to let Mr. Diamond himself pay homage (sorta) to Mr. Swizzle himself:

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