Let the Knocking Begin!

It's March 1 and a lovely day which means our Watchtower neighbors are hitting the streets and inviting us to a "celebration".  Could it be another "Follow the Christ" spectacular? Did you get a flier?

They must be doing something right, reports say that the Jehovah's Witnesses are one of the few (along with Mormons) religions to grow in membership last year.

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  • beth

    THANKS FOR WAKING ME UP. Also THANKS to the neighbor who got a delivery at 8AM — the truck idled outside my window for 20 minutes. Yay!

  • http://9328737.blogspot.com 9328737

    Yes my friend. What they are doing right is a couple of things:

    1.- Proselitism
    2.- Brain washing



  • Mikey

    OK that was creepy. Just as I read the above entry (and thought, “that’s silly, they don’t ring bells in the neighborhood anymore, do they?”, my phone rang and the caller-ID said Watchtower.

    Answered out of curiousity, and a sweet old lady wanted to talk about the bible.

    Is this not covered in the federal no-call registry thingy? I know politicians are exempt, but is there a cult exemption?

  • CJP

    Yeah I remember living on Remsen Street more than a decade ago when these guys came knocking on my door after someone else buzzed themselves into the building. Two young, earnest, innocent guys wanted to know if I wanted some reading material that could “alter my life, offer me a new perspective and make me feel good about myself.”

    I paused for a moment and said “yes, but here’s the deal. I’ll take your reading material if you take mine.” Naturally they agreed. I said “hang on, be right back.” And returned with a copy of the previous month’s Playboy!

    “Have fun guys!”

  • epc

    In theory Witnesses will not go door-to-door in BH. In practice it seems every year there’s a new group of, I have no idea what the term would be, interns? acolytes? who step out of the dorms and figure that their BH neighbors must be ripe pickings.

    After receiving the third pair on one Saturday morning some years ago (that’s three in one morning), I apologized to them and said look, we’re disfellowshipped, please do not return.

    And years of peaceful Saturday mornings ensued.

  • truth

    stop the lies and hate no one has been by three times.

  • DoesntMatter

    I have lived in the Heights for 14 years and I had never a JW ringing my doorbell.

  • epc

    [q]stop the lies and hate no one has been by three times.[/q]

    You must be new here.

  • elvisIII

    Beth…someone had a delivery, by truck, in the city? How DARE they!!! Deliveries should only happen between noon and 1pm daily.

  • beth

    Hey — nothing wrong with a delivery. But I’m pretty sure trucks are bound by law not to idle more than 3-5 minutes. This one idling for 20 and was LOUD. Not to mention the smell from the exhaust. I don’t actually mean to blame the neighbor — messy comment on my part. The truck driver was the one I wanted to beat senseless.