Hotel St. George

BHB Photo Club pick by joshderr via Flickr

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  • CJP

    An amazing picture in terms of color. But not being a photography guy I quickly figured out it was “surgically enhanced.” I’m curious. Anyway you can also post the “before” picture to see just how juiced up this photo really is?

  • Andrew Porter

    The photo shows the building in the right front, with the water tower. Stephen Langley, who headed the Drama Dept. at Brooklyn College and was an expert on theater management, used to live in the penthouse (two windows visible in top storey). I have always assumed that the reason that one of the characters in “Angels in America” lived on Pineapple Street was an homage to Langley (who died of AIDS). I could be wrong, but Maybe Not.

  • jd

    It’s actually made from 3 pictures, digitally combined together in a process called HDR, which is designed to capture a greater range or light and color than a camera would normally allow. You can see some examples of the before and after process here or check out some more HDR photos in the flickr HDR pool

  • Wendy Held

    I was watching As the World Turns yesterday and several scenes were shot up and down the street of the St. George’s Hotel and it was jeja vu all over again. I was a Brooklyn Dodger fanatic in my teens and my favorite birthday parties were to go to Ebbets Field in the afternoon and then the pool at the St. George’s after and then out to dinner or the reverse………..swim in the afternoon and then a night game. I hadn’t thought of the St. George’s in 50 years until I saw the hotel. Is the pool still open? Do people still use it or has it gone the way of my beloved Brooklyn Dodgers? I still my one mone World Series Mug and poster framed upon my bedroom wall. My grandson will be in Cooperstown next month and I plan on having him look at everything through my eyes. The St. George’s and Ebetts. Life couldn’t be sweeter in those days.