Open Thread Wednesday 9/15/10

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  • WillowtownCop

    I would like to thank the owner of the Envy Salon- since I complained, the neon lights have been off, there have been no more flyers, and the car no longer parks on the sidewalk.

  • curious

    So Biviano got crushed, as expected, but what happened with Joane Simon and Jesse Strauss? And, more importantly, did everybody’s favorite candidates for judicial convention delegae get elected. I really wanted that person to win.

  • Berkeley Grosvenor

    @curious, from my review of the ballot, it looked like Candidato Anotado had a definite edge over all of the other individuals running for convention delegate. More “machine” politics, I guess.

  • Remsen

    – When is the city going to clean up under the bridge on Atlantic…still covered in pigeon poop
    – Surprised at the number of tourists arriving at Pier 1 after dark the other night…was sort of a pain jogging around the crowds (but this is a good thing)
    – The gravel surface seems to be getting much better and will cast my vote for liking it better than asphalt.

  • EHinBH

    Random thought: What is going to happen to the dorms when the JWs leave town? Some of their holdings are already apartments and will be easy sells to developers…. But., what about the true dorm style buildings? Does anyone think the City would ever step in and buy them for homeless hotels or some other emergency housing?

  • Arch Stanton

    @ Remsen

    The pigeon droppings have always been a problem under that bridge… I complained about it years ago (when there was a parking mecca on Furman St), to no avail… I guess the city figured there wasn’t enough foot traffic to warrant the expense. Give a call into 311 and complain, I’ll do the same and others should as well… Maybe now that the park is down there; the city will install anti roosting measures under the span and clean it up for good.

  • AEB

    OK, I know you’ve all been waiting for an update on the activities of the dread school crossing guard, who (wo)mans the corner of Hicks and Middagh opposite PS 8.

    Last year I griped about her habit of leaving half-finished coffee containers on the tops of my buildings’ garbage pails.

    Her newest thing is to move the public garbage pail, located non-obstructively about three feet from the crossing at the SE corner, into the street on Middagh, where it remains until I return it to its proper location. This has been going on since school started, and is, “she said, “part of her job,” apparently for the “safety of the students.”

    Yesterday I asked her, politely, if she’d return the pail to where it belongs at then end of the school today. She didn’t.

    Today I had a little non-confrontational talk with her, and tried to explain that putting the pail in the street was a potential hazard, as a car might strike it. I also pointed out that the pail remains there, sanitation won’t empty it.

    She said she’d return the pail today. When I asked her why she moves the pail from a safe place to one less so, she told me to speak to Sergent Houlin (sp?) at the 84th precinct.

    Which I’ll do if the pail isn’t returned today.

    I know this isn’t a burning issue, but her behavior rankles. Any thoughts about better ways to handle this?

  • WillowtownCop

    Sometimes you have to stoop to an idiot’s level. If you want to solve this and you don’t care if its the mature way or not, rub something sticky all around the outside of the can before she comes to work. She’ll never touch it again.

  • AEB

    Thanks, cop. But perhaps that’s a bit too…inflammatory. Speaking of which, perhaps I could electrify the pail.

    Or could fill the pail regularly with really heavy stuff….

    OK, back to the drawing board….

  • tb

    Things are falling out the dorm windows on Clark st. Monday, early afternoon, someone was hit with a bowl of snacks.

  • ClarknHenry

    Speaking of the dorm on Clark Street… it seems like the loud, late night behavior of these kids just gets worse year after year. I am referring to the drunken carrying on up and down Henry Street in the middle of the night… as if it were 12 noon. I am hoping it’ll calm down in the weeks to come, but that seems doubtful. I think EHS should have to employ someone to walk the parimeter blocks and remind these idiots that people are trying to sleep right behind all those windows.

  • voter

    Can you post the actual District Leader vote results, and maybe the judicial delegate results, too? I looked on the NYC Board of Elections website and couldn’t find them there or elsewhere.

  • Obama?

    What happened to the blog & thread about the unacceptable conditions at the primary voting locations? Why was it removed after T.K. Small & others posted some very cogent remarks?

    There is some very heavy-handed censorship here!

  • El

    Just grousing, but I really hate the sightseeing buses on Old Furman – they swing around the building at the start of the pedestrian/bike path to Pier 1 without any regard to signs. I was biking from Pier 6 to Pier 1 at dusk the other day and almost got hit by a bus that pulled past the stop sign and about 3-5 ft into Old Furman before stopping. If I hadn’t already slowed down because it was my first time on the path and I wasn’t sure where exactly to get on to the park portion, I’d probably have ended up in the hospital…

    As for the gravel/asphalt thing, I’m surprised they made the path all gravel, even the bike portion. I was worried I was going to get a flat tire from all the loose gravel, though I don’t know how likely it is.

    On another, shallower note, any suggestions for a good place to get brows done and a good drycleaner? My silk shirt from my current drycleaner came back with two holes in it…

  • eg

    My subject is “Pedestrian Hazards Due to Bikers”. My complaint about bikers that:
    . use bike lanes in either directions and do not follow traffic rules at all, thereby scaring people by sudden unexpected presence.

    . Riding on sidewalks and knocking down people. I met an acquaintance that was run down by a bike in January, and in September was still in a wheel chair – his knee caps were damaged, and the biker ran away fast.

    . All bikes should be licensed, with tail lights and ringers, and made to obey all traffic rules, as they do in other countries.

  • me

    what’s up with the dog statue yard on remsen? it’s so creepy, but i can’t help from peering in every time i pass it.

  • GHB

    I’ve been amused by that yard for years. You’d think that someone who could afford a home like that would have better taste! But it does make me smile. Different strokes…

  • Awesome


    I always take a look at that dog statue yard on Remsen when I pass by.

    Almost all of them are Doberman Pinschers!

  • voter

    thank you for the district leader post.

  • north heights res

    El: I go to Plaza Nails for eyebrows. Very satisfying, though I will say that my requirements are few: no sculpted, arched, minimalist brows.

  • Peter

    Here’s everyone’s homework assignment: read through every post in this thread, take a deep breath, and realize that life it too short to whine over mundane crap like this all the time. We live in a gorgeous neighborhood in the greatest city in the world … wish this site would reflect some positive energy every once in a while, instead of this rehashed plethora of complaints.

  • AEB

    But Peter, why do think the attempt to correct “quality of life” problems in the nabe is an expression of “negative energy”?

    Venting can be self-indulgent, to be sure, but in most cases–and in my experience with the posts on this site–complaining serves a definite function, helping to ameliorate real-life problems and create a positive consensus.

  • Jorale-man

    The sightseeing buses on Furman are odd, I must say. Yes, the view of Manhattan is first-rate there but you’re in this desolate no man’s land – not exactly a place I’d go as a tourist. Incidentally, if I were to guess, Pier 1 park is probably 50% tourists. Nothing wrong with that, just an observation.

  • David on Middagh

    Jorale-man: I have secretly wondered if the tour bus drivers are getting kickbacks from the Ice Cream Factory.