Do You Know Where You’re Voting on Tuesday?

Due to construction at P.S. 8, some Brooklyn Heights residents are being redirected to a different polling place for Tuesday’s primary. North Heights residents originally received a Board of Elections mailing that 38 Water Street (St. Ann’s Warehouse Theater) would be the new polling place.  Today, we received a card in the mail saying that it had been changed to 250 Cadman Plaza West.  As of 5pm on Saturday, the Board of Elections website hadn’t updated this information. (Update: It’s now updated as of Monday morning.)

We also received this letter from the Willamson/Reichbach district leader campaign informing us of the polling place move.
Williamson Reichbach

To be sure of where your polling place is  call 1-866-VOTE-NYC to double check.

And for some reason, all of this has us thinking about this:

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  • cfb

    Our voting location has been moved from the Municipal Building across the street to Borough Hall. This could possibly involve accommodating the new voting procedures (registration table, ballot fill out booths and scanners).

  • Jesse Strauss

    I’m not the incumbent Male District Leader so I’ll try not to take this personally but as a candidate I would never claim credit for changing the location of a polling site. I think most people would agree with me that candidates for office, without a public/party position, should have no role in selecting polling sites. It’s even questionable whether incumbent District Leaders facing a challenge should not be required to recuse themselves from the process of selecting polling sites. It happens rarely, but in less reform minded districts, it could create a huge conflict.

    For example, my neighbors and I used to vote at PS 8 but we will vote at 111 Clark this election. That might depress turnout among voters who would be inclined to vote for me. I assume that no candidate had any role in that change.

  • AEB

    I too received contradictory info about my voting place, the most recent–which arrived yesterday–informing me that it’s at “Cong Mt Sinai, 250 Cadman Plaza West.” AD: 52, ED: 123, VSN: N1298479.

    Is this so? I live at Hicks and Middagh. Does anyone have confirmation? Thanks.

  • AEB

    Ooops! Sorry to reiterate the story’s info! But still, is the second notification accurate?

  • Mona Bregman

    ed 123 votes at Mt. Sinai. I live at 135 Willow St. PS 8 was always a pain for the seniors in our building because it is an up hill walk.
    I must tell you truthfully, Reichbach and Wiliamson had nothing to do with the change in polling place. The change has to do with the work at PS 8.