Squadron to Greet Parents, Kids at PS 8

BHB photo by C. Scales

Tomorrow afternoon at 2:45, State Senator Daniel squadron will be at PS 8, the Robert Fulton School (Hicks Street between Middagh and Poplar), to greet parents and students, and to give parents copies of a Parent Resource Guide, which is a compilation of useful information concerning educational, health, recreational and other resources available to families in the community. Members of Senator Squadron’s staff will be distributing copies of the Resource Guide at other schools tomorrow.

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  • JOHN

    I guess he’s not running for anything this fall ! LOL

  • tb

    As the first day arrives for us we are really excited!

  • BS Meter

    Anyone heading to say, the GOWANUS HOUSES or the 1,000s of families in the projects along Sand St./Tillary?… (remember, they’re also in his district).

    Nice to use NYS funds, to appear before voters/parents in SELECTED schools/districts — of strong parental involvement. When the most needy, are once again overlooked by suburban-born, connected pols… looking for easy face-time & media mention?

  • Mickey

    BS Meter: wouldn’t it make sense to appear before the voting parents in schools with high parental involvement? If you show up at schools with low parental involvement, the voters aren’t there. Squadron isn’t overlooking the most needy; they’re overlooking him (and their own children).

  • william

    See the Bill that Senator Squadron sponsored to help the poor in public housing. He is greeting his supporters again, to meet them, and hear their concerns.


  • bklyn20

    BS Meter, may I kindly point out that children from the Sands St “projects” — i.e., the Whitman, Ingersoll and Farragut Houses — attend PS 8 in significant numbers?

    Please consider a meter reading in the near future.