BBC Covers Heather’s Knishes

BBC photo

Brooklyn Heights resident/BHB contributor Heather Quinlan gets some more press attention this week for her NY accent movie If These Knishes Could Talk, this time from the BBC:

BBC: For the last year-and-a-half, Quinlan, a native New Yorker and film-maker, has followed the same routine for her first documentary, If These Knishes Could Talk.

The film, part comedic banter and part serious discussion, will not only bring a taste of the NY accent to audiences, but also examine how it’s changed as the city has changed.

“I have one grandfather who was a speech teacher and another grandfather who was a truck driver, and both are New Yorkers. And I feel like this film kind of bridges the gap between those two worlds a little bit,” Quinlan explains.

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  • Demonter

    New Yorkese:

    New York/The City=Manhattan
    Fire hydrant=johnny pump
    Long Island=Lawngallin
    Long Island=Nassau and Suffolk Counties only
    Italian Ices=Lemon Ice (old school)
    Pizza=beatza (Italian American-old school)
    The Shore=the beach

  • GHB

    That’s not New Yorkese… that’s sheer idiocy

  • George Earl

    “Tanks, Hedda!”