Bike Paths Coming to Brooklyn Bridge Park

The NY Post reports that Brooklyn Bridge Park will be getting a bike and pedestrian path within the next week.   It will connect Piers 1 and 6 from Old Fulton Street to Atlantic Avenue.  It will connect to the existing bike lane along Columbia Street at DeGraw:

NY Post: A four-block stretch of the new path recently surfaced, running northbound from Pier 6 around the One Brooklyn Bridge Park condo complex before turning onto a barricaded two-way lane on Furman Street, from Joralemon Street until around Montague Street.

It then heads into a fenced-in area along the waterfront near Pier 4 and runs to Pier 1, passing parts of the park under construction along the way. Ellen Ryan, a spokeswoman for the city-controlled park, said the city is putting final touches on this section of the pathway before opening it to pedestrians and cyclists “probably within one week.”

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  • AndrewWStrauss

    Very exciting! Does anybody have a map showing precisely where it’s going?

  • JJ

    I believe its relatively close (although not too close) to the water. I love this park and can’t wait til it is [mostly] done in 2+ years. I really think the real estate closest to the park will rapidly appreciate over the next 2-6 years with the park coming in to its own.

  • gatornyc

    You can view a map of the interim bike route here:

  • gatornyc

    You can view a map of the interim bike route here:

  • Arch Stanton

    Will the churches in the neighborhood will be using the new bike path for extra parking space?