Arby’s Bails Out of Historic Gage and Tollner Space

Brownstoner photo

Brownstoner reports that after much fuss and LPC arm twisting,  Arby’s has called it quits  at 372 Fulton Street.  The fast food chain had meticulously crafted its interior to preserve the landmarked Gage and Tollner space but clearly it didn’t attract enough business to keep going. The store opened in January of this year.

Maybe the guys at the Brooklyn Paper were right when they tasted Arby’s offerings on opening day.  Their verdict – bleeech!

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  • my2cents

    Why doesn’t some hipster cocktail restaurant like Henry Public go in there?

  • Claude Scales

    There’s a White Castle just a block away; maybe they could move in and give it a go. Sliders by gaslight!

  • George Earl

    Well, non of we longtime Heights residents are surprised. I’m afraid that Fulton Street, at onetime quite a chique part of New York, has become something just shy of a don’t tred there, brothers section, day or night. It’s a shame, for the money that could have been put into that area in both decent retail stores and restaurants is remaining in piggy banks in safer parts of the town. Shame, for Gage & Tollner is part of history books–when gas lights were still the thing, and sidewalk-length white dresses were the only thing to wear over there. (And no, not by men. After all, those were Victorian, cleaner times.)